Lawsuits for more climate protection in the countries unsuccessful

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A sign with the federal eagle and the words “Federal Constitutional Court” hangs in front of the Federal Constitutional Court. © Uli Deck/dpa

Several young people had filed constitutional complaints with the Federal Constitutional Court. It is about the climate protection measures of the federal government. The climate lawsuits have all been unsuccessful.

Karlsruhe – The now eleven climate lawsuits at state level have no chance of success at the Federal Constitutional Court.

The judges in Karlsruhe did not accept the constitutional complaints of young people supported by the German Environmental Aid, as the court announced on Tuesday. The basic rights protect against being disproportionately burdened in the future by climate protection measures that are too hesitant. However, this presupposes that the legislature itself is subject to a roughly recognizable CO2 budget. This is not the case with the individual state legislatures.

In the spring of 2021, the judges partially granted several lawsuits due to the Federal Climate Protection Act in a sensational decision. The federal government had to make improvements to protect the civil liberties of younger generations. dpa

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