Mattarella’s re-election hides a deep crisis of leadership in Italian politics



Last Saturday the president of the Italian Republic was re-elected, with the confirmation in office of Sergio Mattarella.

The re-election of President Mattarella was and is the safest solution to maintain stability and continuity of action which serves to comply with objectives from Economic recovery in the current complex health and social situation.

The two presidents, Mattarella and Draghi, are undoubtedly the best institutional figures for meet the challenges of the current complicated moment.

If, on the one hand, then the result achieved is soothing and it seems that it supposes changes, the re-election of President Mattarella changes everything. It changes everything because re-election is the result of disability resignation

of politics to exercise their function.

If the parties had had a real interest in the continuity and in the stability of the country, they would have asked Sergio Mattarella from the first moment for his availability to remain in office and they would have re-elected him on the first or at most the fourth vote.

But it has not been that way. The fears they had they have came true: the parties, who have not been able to find an agreement, they have burned prestigious candidates and they have divided within their own political formations.

In conclusion, once again, the lack of political leadership and of long-term vision He has prevented to politics find shared solutions.

The solution of the re-election of President Mattarella, also obtained with the intermediation of Mario Draghi, has been for the parties an unsuccessful attempt to hide their bankruptcies.

Ultimately, it’s the president. Mattarella to whom we owe the solution for his high responsability level in front of the country.

The political crisis in Italy it’s deep since many years. It is already twice in a row that a president of the Republic is re-elected, before Napolitano now Mattarella.

If then the final result, in the absence of political capacity, is the most sensible, What will happen now within the parties and between them?.

It should be remembered that, in 2023, Italy has its upcoming national elections, the first in which the law that foresees a strong reduction in the number of parliamentarians will be enforced.

What new scenarios will open?

The center right sale very divided and the coordination of Matteo Salvini has proven once again not to be up to the task. The center left has also shown approximation and internal divisions in all its parties, particularly in the ‘Five stars‘ with two contenders Conte Y Di Maio that could cause the split of the party.

As I wrote a few weeks ago in my article on the “ Election of the President of the Italian Republic”, in all probability divisions are now being prospected in the parties in the coalitions and new alliances are announced that can configure a new political landscape.

It is also possible to bet on a new election law proportional and perhaps by the formation of a new center.

While Politics remains in turmoil, Italians are lucky to have two presidents like Mattarella Y Draghi .

They are the most credible faces of Italy inside and outside the country and they are the only ones at this time that can guarantee stability and continuity in the Government’s action in the coming months, despite the revolutions in politics that we will witness.

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