Michael Lindner, the successor of the stumbled

The Mühlviertler has already moved up unplanned: 13 months ago he became head of the state parliament after Christian Makor resigned because of alcohol-related damage to the car. Now, earlier than planned, he follows Birgit Gerstorfer, who ultimately stumbled across the “vaccination posters”.

Socialist youth, Bundesrat, from 2018 the state parliament were political stations for Lindner, who grew up in a red family in the predominantly “black” Mühlviertel – father Josef is the SP mayor of Gutau for many years, Michael Lindner lives with his wife and two children in Kefermarkt.

In the state parliament and especially as club chairman, the studied sociologist soon attracted attention with his polished rhetoric, especially against the black-blue coalition. He trimmed the club’s line to accentuate opposition politics, in the past few months especially in relation to the state government’s pandemic management, which he accused of failure in the state vaccination strategy and contact management. With him it was over with the partial approval of the SPÖ to the state budget, Lindner pushed the issues of child care, school construction and community relief.

He will have to create a new basis of trust with the disgruntled trade unionists – he himself had conflicts with them in the past, but these should have been resolved.


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