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What is important today

EXKLUSIV Meuthen talks to “new partners”. Just days after his settlement with the AfD, the ex-party leader is working on a new political home. Apparently Meuthen can imagine helping to found a new political force in Germany. Meuthen also predicts an “exodus” for his former party and etches his former party’s appearance: “The shame of others had reached an all-time high.” Go to Article

SPD says no to arms deliveries to Ukraine. After a consultation, the leaders of the Social Democrats are apparently in agreement: Lethal weapons should no longer exist in Ukraine. According to SZ information, there was also agreement at the meeting to reject the transfer of howitzers from GDR stocks from Estonia to Ukraine. Go to Article

USA: “Largest mobilization in Europe for decades”. In view of the Russian troop deployment, the USA is again warning of an escalation in the Ukraine conflict. The American ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, stressed before the United Nations Security Council that the mobilized troops were combat units that were ready to attack Ukraine. In the event of a Russian invasion, the US would act quickly. Go to Article

Traffic light coalition wants to withdraw abrupt funding stop. Last week, the Federal Ministry of Economics abruptly stopped funding for climate-friendly construction projects, causing fierce criticism from builders, real estate companies and the opposition. A solution is now emerging for part of the 24,000 accumulated applications affected by the stop. According to information from government circles, applicants who want to renovate or are planning a particularly energy-saving “Efficiency House 40” can still receive funding. To the article (SZ Plus)

Trial against Thomas Drach begins. 21 years ago, Thomas Drach was convicted of kidnapping Jan Philipp Reemtsma. Now he is on trial again in Cologne – and the list of allegations is quite long. In other cases, the public prosecutor accuses him of attempted murder, aggravated robbery, dangerous bodily harm, violations of the War Weapons Control Act and the Weapons Act, as well as forgery and arson. Go to Article

Scholz intervenes in the Catholic Church’s abuse debate. Ten days after the report for the Archdiocese of Munich was published, the chancellor said he was “very shocked”. He does not want to leave the enlightenment to the church alone. Go to Article

Other important topics:

Current information on the Corona crisis

Nationwide incidence rises to more than 1,200. This is a new high. The Robert Koch Institute also reports 162,613 new infections within 24 hours and 188 more deaths. Biontech is applying for emergency vaccine approval in the United States for children under the age of five. Go to Article

What should I do if the app lights up red? Because of the many omicron cases, the Corona app warns more often than ever before. Users recently received more than 650,000 warnings per day on average – and these were only those who expressly agreed to share their data with the RKI. What exactly does the red warning sign mean? To the questions and answers (SZ Plus)

Defeat for “walkers” in Karlsruhe. The allegedly spontaneous corona protests may be prohibited by the municipalities in advance. The Federal Constitutional Court rejected an urgent application against the city of Freiburg, in which opponents of the Corona measures referred to freedom of assembly. However, the final decision will only be made in main proceedings, at the earliest in a few months. Go to Article

How Omicron rages in Bavaria. The number of new infections in Bavaria is increasing daily to previously unattainable heights. The incidence is well over 1000 nationwide, but the numbers are doubtful because the authorities can no longer keep up with the documentation of the cases and the test capacities are at the limit. To the article (SZ Plus)

EXCLUSIVE Millions lookup for Swiss mask dealers. Prime Minister Söder’s government not only bought very expensive FFP2 masks – the Ministry of Health in Munich even paid import taxes and customs duties to the Emix company. The company rejects any criticism of the deal. To the article (SZ Plus)

best things

On the way with the scream stick. Elon Musk is now also selling karaoke microphones for cars. As long as someone like Stevie Wonder joins the ridesharing service, that’s a great thing. Go to Article

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