No barracks prepared – Blackout: Opposition accuses Tanner of “failure”.

SPÖ and FPÖ accuse Defense Minister Klaudia Tanner (ÖVP) of default in blackout precautions in the army. Because Tanner’s answer to a parliamentary question about blackout precautions in the army shows that not one of the 100 most important army bases is self-sufficient for at least 14 days. The expansion required for this is to take place step by step, and by 2025 all selected locations are to be prepared for crises. The opposition is too slow, the FPÖ even speaks of a “total failure”.

The plan is for 25 properties to become self-sufficient as a first step by the end of the year. “It’s definitely not going fast enough,” criticized the liberal National Council member Alois Kainz in a broadcast on Tuesday. He points to the costs: A whole day in the blackout means more than one billion euros in economic damage for Austria. “It would therefore be necessary to spend more money on blackout precautions now, so that damage can be prevented,” demanded Kainz. For the expansion of the self-sufficiency of the 100 barracks, 100 million euros are currently estimated. “Experts agree: It is no longer a question of whether a blackout will occur, but only when. We must be prepared for such an emergency. I can by no means see sufficient blackout precautions in the cautious plans of the federal government, ”said Drobits to the APA. In his opinion, lessons must be learned from the mistakes made in pandemic preparedness in order not to oversleep the blackout management of the energy supply become “safety islands” which, thanks to their equipment, can also support the police, rescue services and fire brigade. Dobrits, member of the National Council from Burgenland, criticizes that only one of the barracks there is to be expanded as a security island – the “Krone” reported – namely the Benedek barracks in Bruckneudorf in the Neusiedl am See district, but not the Montecuccoli barracks in Güssing. “For me, it doesn’t make much strategic sense to expand a single barracks in the northernmost corner of Burgenland as a security island and ignore the civilian population in the south of the state,” says Drobits. The Montecuccoli barracks are also supposed to become self-sufficient, but not until 2023. FPÖ politician Kainz, on the other hand, is going too slowly with the implementation of self-sufficiency at the Allentsteig military training area – planned gradually by 2025. “I have been calling for the Allentsteig military training area to be structured as a third security island in Lower Austria for a long time. A security island has to be self-sufficient anyway,” explained Kainz. Born in Allentsteiger, he has professional experience at the military training area as commander of the shooting range group. In his view, the location would meet all the requirements of a security island. For him, therefore, “the only logical step” was to “immediately carry out the expansion of the military training area to self-sufficiency,” said Kainz. Ministry: No more “omissions” At the request of, a spokeswoman for Defense Minister Tanner referred to a prioritization concept that now points be processed for point. The minister “actively addressed” the “over a decade-long failures” in the projects, which until then were only in the planning stage,” emphasizes the spokeswoman. Tanner recognized the danger of a blackout “in good time and reacted to it”.

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