On the way to Kiev: Johnson visits Ukraine

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Goodbye London: Boris Johnson on his way to Ukraine © Peter Nicholls / picture alliance

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson now wants to hold a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, which was postponed because of the “Partygate” affair.

London – The conservative head of government is playing an “active role” in finding solutions to the escalating conflict over Ukraine, said his spokesman in London. On Tuesday, the prime minister flew to Kiev for a visit.

Johnson actually wanted to speak to Putin on Monday. Since he had to answer questions from MPs for a long time after the publication of a “Partygate” report in Parliament, the phone call never came about. The opposition has said the Downing Street lockdown party scandal is paralyzing the government’s ability to act.

Instead of talking to Johnson, Putin spoke longer with French President Emmanuel Macron – for the second time in just a few days. Asked if that didn’t mean France was in the lead, Johnson’s spokesman said, “I don’t think the totaling of calls is the only determining factor.” Secretary of State Liz Truss was originally supposed to accompany the Prime Minister to Ukraine. However, the minister had to cancel at short notice because of a positive corona test. (dpa)


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