Parliament should decide on convalescent status

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FDP parliamentary group leader Christian Dürr calls for parliament to decide on the corona recovery status. © Kay Nietfeld/dpa

In January, the recovered status was reduced from 28 to 90 days based on a new regulation by the Bundestag. There was criticism for this from the countries. Now the FDP agrees with the states.

Berlin – FDP parliamentary group leader Christian Dürr wants quick consultations with the SPD and Greens on who is responsible for the decision on the corona recovery status.

“I think the federal and state health ministers are right: the convalescent status should be decided in parliament again. After two years of the pandemic, we can no longer allow ourselves any legally questionable interventions in our freedom,” Dürr told the German Press Agency on Tuesday.

In mid-January, the Bundestag and Bundesrat decided to change the so-called Covid 19 protective measures exception ordinance. With it, a new procedure was introduced: Proof of recovery must therefore meet criteria that the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) publishes on a website – they then apply immediately. Based on this new regulation, the recovered status was surprisingly shortened to a period of 28 to 90 days after a positive PCR test. One of the criticisms is that the RKI did not announce the change beforehand.

“The health ministers have discussed this and have now determined that this procedure does not make sense. We take that very seriously,” said Dürr. “If the majority of the health ministers are in favor of it, we should change this regulation.” dpa

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