Party exclusion proceedings against the mayor of Tübingen could begin in March

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Party order proceedings: Whether Mayor Boris Palmer will be excluded from the Greens could be discussed in court from March © Ulmer via

The Greens’ party order proceedings against the Mayor of Tübingen, Boris Palmer, could officially begin in March.

A spokeswoman for the state association told the German Press Agency in Stuttgart on Tuesday that the state arbitration court had asked Palmer’s lawyer, Rezzo Schlauch, to submit his statement on the state executive’s request for exclusion by the end of February.

Hose complained that it took the state board nine months to officially submit the application to him. It could therefore be that he would apply for an extension of the deadline for his answer, said the former Green Party politician to the dpa.

At the beginning of May 2021, a state party conference decided to initiate party order proceedings against the town hall chief, who was controversial because of his provocations. The procedure is also of great importance because the election of the mayor in Tübingen is due in autumn. Palmer, 49, wants to run as an independent candidate.

After Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann’s recent criticism of the case against Palmer, the Greens state association expressed caution. “There is currently a lot of discussion in our party and in the media about what a party has to endure. These discussions are important because they show that we as a party are not a homogeneous mass,” said a spokeswoman. It is all the more important that the arbitration proceedings progress. “Because the arbitral tribunal will deal with exactly this question and decide whether a party exclusion is justified.”

Kretschmann had told the “Heilbronner Voice” and the “Südkurier” (Tuesday) about the actions of the Greens in the Palmer case: “Who should win what in the end? You have to ask yourself that question.” The procedure is not the last word. “This is now becoming increasingly clear.” (dpa)

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