Putin: “West ignores Russian interests”

After a meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in the Kremlin on Tuesday, the Russian President complained that the West was not taking into account the principle of the “indivisibility of security” in Europe. Putin again warned that a country cannot enforce its own security at the expense of another country’s interests.

Putin on Tuesday commented on tensions between Russia and the West for the first time in the current escalation of the Ukraine crisis. He criticized the fact that Russia’s demand for an end to NATO’s eastward expansion had been rejected.

“In this situation dialogue is necessary”

Russia wants to prevent Ukraine from becoming a NATO member. Putin had also demanded that NATO withdraw to its 1997 positions and refrain from deploying missile systems near Russia’s borders.

With a massive Russian troop buildup near Ukraine, there are fears in the West that the Kremlin may be planning an invasion. Moscow denies that. It is also considered possible that fears are being fueled in order to persuade the NATO countries to make concessions on new security guarantees.

“My visit has a peacemaking purpose,” Orban said after the nearly five-hour meeting. He warned of a new Cold War. “In this situation dialogue is necessary.” He therefore welcomes talks between Russia and the western allies.


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