Rubén Darío receives a tribute in Madrid on the 155th anniversary of his birth



The Nicaraguan embassy in Spain organized on January 18 at the headquarters of the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI) an emotional tribute to celebrate the 155th anniversary of the birth of the Nicaraguan national hero and universal poet, Rubén Darío, an act that was chaired by the Nicaraguan ambassador to Spain, Carlos Midence, accompanied by the Director of Culture of the OEI, Natalia Armijos, as well as the speakers: the doctor of Philology Gema Cienfuegos and the writer Sara Rosenberg. This tribute was also attended by foreign diplomatic representatives accredited in Spain from Honduras, Guatemala, Bolivia, El Salvador, Venezuela, Brazil and a group of Nicaraguan citizens residing in Madrid.

The tribute began with a few heartfelt words by Ambassador Carlos Midence who spoke about the life and work of the distinguished Nicaraguan poet and writer Rubén Darío, who highlighted the relevance that his work reached nationally and internationally, and that he was a great teacher who He found in poetry the channel of expression of his personality, a multifaceted man since he was a politician, diplomat, poet, writer, painter, journalist…

Immediately afterwards, the academic and professor of the University of Valladolid, Gem Cienfuegos Antelo, who presented a conference entitled: ‘Rubén Darío goes to school, presence of the poet in Spanish school manuals and anthologies and illustrated albums for children’, in which he explained the poet’s writing canon Nicaraguan and the inclusion of his work in school curricula in Spain.

For her part, the novelist and essayist Sara Rosenberg, presented the paper: ‘Darío, his time and ours’, in which he valued the analytical thought, ideas and pacifist positions expressed by Darío in his poems and chronicles, related to his time, but with full validity. Likewise, the act included the participation of songs and dances of poems by the same poet: ‘Love does not admit strings, reflections and Caupolicán’, performed by the singer-songwriter Juanjo Anaya and danced by the Nicaraguan artist, Ilseth Rivas Guevara.

Ultimately, we are faced with a tribute to a great of Spanish literature highly recognized in all the Hispanic Nations to a greater or lesser extent, because our letters have been influenced by his intellectual virtues during the 20th century and it is very fair that this type of acts of consideration and remembrance towards the great Rubén Darío are repeated profusely among the countries that make up Hispanidad.

It is important that his figure be popularized, especially among the youngest, either through a movie or a series, because beyond his literary facet, beats the powerful personality of a man who lived intensely in his time, the main protagonist of countless of events that he knew how to capture with his pen in a masterful way, and with a personal life as intense or more so than his literary life; and because it is there, in the hearts of people, from where all his creations emanate as sources, where the reasons and mysteries that support a life journey as exciting as that of Rubén Darío are explained.

And let’s keep it in mind too, Rubén Darío was Nicaraguan ambassador to Spain, participating in the noble diplomatic activity at the service of the great Nation that was his native country, Spanish literature and the Hispanic and world brotherhood among all the peoples and races that inhabit the world.

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