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Carrying out a small self-employed business or making an SME profitable is a difficult task, especially in these times of pandemic and uncertainty. Precisely to avoid extra headaches derived from management, it emerged two years ago divilo, a ‘neobank’ that aims to make the day-to-day activities of these businesses easier. His recipe can be summed up in one word: simplify, and that’s why your solution encompasses all payments, collections and accounting tools, explains its founder and CEO, Juan Guruceta.

After many years working as a banking financial agent, he wanted to go on to help companies more closely. Among them were Cabify and Glovo, in its beginnings. “Divilo emerged as a ‘spin off’ of my previous business,” he clarifies.

After completing his business plan, he found Spanish investors to move forward and then… “Covid arrived,” recalls Guruceta. It was time to sign “many letters of commitment, securing contracts so that, when we were operational, they would hire us.” The have worked alongside freelancers and SMEs It allowed him to understand their needs and that is why his proposal does not have “fixed costs because we know that many clients go for months without receiving payment.”

Divilo provides a solution in which an entire business can be managed with a single application. “For example, freelancers can charge and can issue invoices in real time while that invoice is saved,” highlights the founder, for whom one of the great achievements of his Diveep tool is that bills can be collected with the mobile and “the problems of coverage, battery, paper and fixed monthly cost that traditional dataphones give” are eliminated from the root. They charge a commission for each transaction, although the installation of the application is free, as well as the management services. “There will be some payment options,” clarifies the CEO. At the moment they do not grant financing, but they do have partners who can help clients obtain it.

Agreement with ATA

At Divilo they expect to close this year with 20,000 clients, mostly self-employed who now represent 60% of the total. Nevertheless, have just signed an agreement with the Association of Autonomous Workers Association (ATA) and probably this percentage will increase. An agreement that, as Juan Guruceta indicates, “makes a lot of sense because our tools are made for them. We want to help you to improve your sales. In addition, there is a ‘call center’ of its own for these associates, so that they can solve their doubts». Freelancers will be able to integrate their business in the ‘online’ and ‘offline’ channels in a single solution, allowing you to accept payments from your website in a few minutes, charge by sending a link or showing a QR code, as well as being able to charge with your mobile without the need for another additional device. In addition to the free management service, they will soon launch a system that allows you to store invoices directly in the app and post the corresponding taxes in real time.

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