Survey: RKI trouble and compulsory vaccination confusion – survey swatter for Corona crisis manager Lauterbach

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From: Patrick Mayer

In the focus of the corona pandemic: Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach (SPD). © CHRISTIAN MANG / POOL / AFP

Karl Lauterbach (SPD) is considered the most popular politician in polls. But in a recent survey, the Federal Minister of Health does not come off well with regard to his corona policy.

Munich/Berlin – What doesn’t this man have to do: Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach (SPD). There are discussions about compulsory vaccination for nursing professions in the corona pandemic. Or the uncertain situation because of the omicron wave*. Or the anger surrounding the role of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). And then the constant attacks by the CDU under its new chairman Friedrich Merz*.

Pandemic in Germany: More dissatisfaction with Karl Lauterbach’s corona crisis management

Most recently, Lauterbach was still considered the most popular politician in Germany in polls. But: Now the Rhinelander has to accept a smack in the popularity ratings. Because: Satisfaction with the Corona crisis management of the Federal Minister of Health is declining – quite clearly. Specifically: 47 percent (- 5 percentage points) of Germans are currently satisfied with their crisis management. 49 percent (+ 5 percentage points) are less or not at all satisfied with this. This was the result of surveys by the RTL trend barometer. In detail: Only the supporters of the SPD and the Greens are currently mostly satisfied with Lauterbach’s crisis management. Most of the supporters of all other parties (including the supporters of the coalition partner FDP) are less or not satisfied with their work with regard to the corona pandemic *.

Recently, Lauterbach has also been in focus because of the confusion about a possible general obligation to vaccinate in Germany. As a member of parliament, he would vote for it, explained the 58-year-old from the Rhineland, but the department head in the German Bundestag did not want to introduce a proposal for a legislative initiative. But how do German citizens feel about the scenario of such a general corona vaccination requirement?

RTL trend barometer: Majority for general corona vaccination in Germany

66 percent are currently in favor of introducing compulsory vaccination for all adults aged 18 and over. According to a current forsa survey commissioned by RTL and ntv, 29 percent of Germans are against a general obligation to vaccinate. A general obligation to vaccinate still has the greatest support among supporters of the SPD (81%), the Greens (74%) and the Union parties (72%). Of the supporters of the FDP (58%) and the Left Party (55%), only a little more than half are in favor of general vaccination in the coronavirus pandemic *.

In the video: Corona vaccination obligation for nurses – patient advocates call for a postponement

The supporters of the AfD (83%) continue to be the only majority against compulsory vaccination for all adults. On the other hand, only a minority (36%) support the proposal to introduce compulsory vaccinations only for people over the age of 50. 58 percent are against such a solution.

The proportion of Germans who believe that vaccinations will become compulsory for all adults in Germany has fallen over the past week. 35 percent (compared to 42 percent in the previous week) currently assume that vaccination will be compulsory for all adults, 59 percent do not believe so. (pm / dpa) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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