Tens of thousands against Corona requirements – several injured

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Participants in a demonstration against the Corona measures go through the old town of Stralsund. © Stefan Sauer/dpa

As has been the case for weeks, many people took to the streets again on Monday against the Corona measures. It wasn’t always peaceful.

Berlin – Tens of thousands of people across Germany have again demonstrated against the current corona measures. There were also counter-demonstrations in some cities on Monday evening. Most of the gatherings were peaceful, police said Tuesday morning.

But it wasn’t peaceful everywhere: A 26-year-old suffered serious head injuries in Regensburg, the police said. Paramedics then took him to a hospital. In addition, two groups clashed on the sidelines of a meeting, and several people were injured. Further details were initially unclear. A 23-year-old reportedly injured a police officer with kicks and punches.

Investigations into suspected assault

Around 1,300 people protested against the corona restrictions in Lübeck on Monday evening. Overall, the meeting was peaceful, but shortly after the end there was an argument between participants on the way home and another group, the police said. The officials had recorded the personal details of the twelve involved. It is being investigated on suspicion of dangerous bodily harm. The exact background to the argument was still unclear.

About 9,000 people came to meetings and protests in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the police said. In Rostock, the regulatory authority had banned several protests, but groups still moved through the city center. According to the information, firecrackers were thrown, the officials had to intervene several times. Several people were taken into custody. According to the police, officials in Grimmen were thrown at and insulted with eggs from an apartment.

25 people in Thuringia have been reported

Around 25,000 people demonstrated against the measures in Thuringia. 25 people were reported, among other things, for violating the Assembly Act and resisting law enforcement officers. In Jena, a critic of the measures was also injured by a counter-demonstrator, the police said.

On Monday evening, around 200 people gathered in Ostfildern for a registered meeting to demonstrate against corona measures. According to police, the demonstration was peaceful. Before that, however, an announcement by the mayor of Ostfildern had triggered a wave of protests on social media. In certain chat groups it was even said that there were “orders to shoot” at the demonstrators. Mayor Christof Bolay (SPD) and the Reutlingen police vehemently contradicted this presentation on Monday. “The use of firearms to enforce a ban on assembly is excluded,” said a joint statement. dpa


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