The best silicone-based lubricants on the market

Pjur Original Premium Silicone Lubricant

we start with the premium silicone lubricant by Pjur Original. We have already warned you, it is one of the best valued that can be found within its category. This silicone lubricant is one top sellers Worldwide.

Thanks to its composition, the silicone molecules do not penetrate the skin and remain on the surface longer.

Pjur Original lubricant leaves a nice non-sticky feeling. It is suitable for shower sex, erotic massage, anal sex, oral sex, vaginal sex, and also for masturbation.

Durex silicone-based lubricant

The silicone based lubricant from Durex It also triumphs in reviews. In addition, right now and until the end of the offer, it appears with a 18% discount. Durex Perfect Connection silicone-based lubricant is much longer lasting than water-based lubricants.

This silicone lubricant from Durex is suitable for anal, oral and vaginal sex. It is an alcohol-free product, without fragrances and without glycerin. Durex Perfect Connection can be safely used with natural rubber latex, polyisoprene and polyurethane condoms.

can be applied directly at intimate area or on the fingertips and then in the intimate area.

Clear silicone lubricant

It is clear silicone lube Toko is indicated for hydration during vaginal and/or anal sex. It has a really sumptuous velvety touch. It is perfect for those looking for a vaginal and anal moisturizer to provide an optimal, smooth and delicate glide.

It is a transparent silicone lubricant that creates a film on the skin, perfectly suitable for use under water. Provides a soft and silky feeling without greasy skin.

Like all, it is compatible with latex condoms, but not with most of sex toys. It stands out for its revolutionary and endless extra long-lasting lubrication.

Eros Super Concentrated Silicone Lubricant

The super concentrated silicone lubricant Eros is in charge of the early manufacturers of products of this type, from 1994. Like all the ones you’ll find around here, this super-concentrated silicone lube is compatible with latex condoms, but it can’t be used with most sex toys.

Concentrated silicone lubricants are especially useful for anal sex. Thanks to the embossed film they create on the skin, they remain for much longer and are capable of providing much more pleasant sensations.

leave one silky feel and very pleasant on the skin.

Swiss Navy silicone sexual lubricant

This they say is the best sex lubricant silicone-based which is sold in the US. Unlike other products of the same type, of all those that we have recommended before, this silicone sexual lubricant is compatible with erotic toys.

Its formula is enriched with vitamin E and made of the highest quality silicone. It is a silicone-based sexual lubricant with PH neutro and that it does not have No kind of aroma. It is really very liquid unlike the oily texture of other products.

It is perfect, it resists under water and with a single application. This is how the opinions of this lubricant speak, with a 84% of scores of 5 stars, among 950 reviews.

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