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The other day, within the framework of Fitur’s advertising activities, a Japanese travel agency specializing in night views granted Toledo Recognition of best view in the world.

At this point in the film, I think that few escape how beautiful Toledo is and the dependence we have on the tourism sector, as well as that love-hate relationship that it drags with a city as peculiar and proud, sometimes as vain, as ours.

Those who don’t have high sugar say that nobody gets bitter from a sweet, but we can’t forget that sweets don’t contribute much to the musculature and the absence of cholesterol in a living being, which is what a city that be worth it

As an advertising campaign, nothing to object to the award, it’s great and without a doubt it will contribute to the increase of that ethereal issue of likes, to keep people coming, to spend more, etc.; although elucidating what percentage of that money returns in the city of Toledo and in the direct strengthening of a sustainable Toledo would be one of the most interesting questions that I leave to the experts.

This award reminds me of when they ask me about my health and I answer, sticking my black pupil in his blue pupil, because one is already a certain age and has unspeakable leaks: well, without going into details.

But unfortunately it would be foolish to forget that, as the writer and painter Enrique Galindo always reminds me, The devil is in the details.

Toledo is not an easy square, but it is a very picturesque and very coquettish square that superficially falls in love with anyone. An overwhelming heritage and a system based on its autonomous capital status and proximity to Madrid make us an attractive site, sitting in the middle of the national ranking table, It is among the 300 municipalities with the highest income per capita in Spain, in which, it should not escape us, we have to be very clumsy not to be pulled by a relatively favorable inertia, which obviously and unfortunately the vast majority of the rest of the populations of the province and the region do not enjoy.

But from there to falling into complacency there is a world, which is the world behind the photo.

You already know what there is if we expand the impertinent zoom on the Tagus: that river that does not take us and stagnates in an infamous Foam Manual that Gerardo Diego would not sign. Or if we take the pulse of the city, we run into that vital minimum so weak of commerce in neighborhoods as marked as the Judería or Santa Teresa. Or if we prick up our ears at night, we feel like Beethoven without a trumpet, because We find hardly any trace of cultural leisure or night entertainment… in this blessed city of opponents that almost always sleeps after six o’clock, unless the guy with the raucous rat trap that rides cazurously through the city doesn’t allow us to.

It’s wonderful to be pretty on the outside; We already know that beauty is inside is a hackneyed consolation that we ugly cling to, but be careful when we put on our glasses and run our finger through the layer of makeup.

In a city with such a limited industry, a more committed tourism, trade and leisure offer are necessary, more elaborate and more educated, in which the citizens, the first ones, and the managers too, to the extent of their limitations, know what what we have is worth and that we have to learn to pay for it, without falling into the trap of get entangled in a short-term underground war, and in advance lost, with an anonymous and serial product that we can find behind any unmotivated click.

I understand that it is a Herculean task, at a time when there is no common flag other than the sad and anxious consumerist and short-term self-satisfaction, nor more recurring homeland than the virtual countries of Amazon and Neftlix, to be patriots of the land, and more in a matter of money ; but I firmly believe that we must bet on close and select trade, tourism and culture; select not understood as rich and exclusive but as sensitive and attractive; and close not understood as sectarian and localist but as close and accessible.

An environment that makes a society without complexes bear fruit in our city with more prosperous and vital neighborhoods that prevent us from passing on to the next generation the most beautiful sad papier mâché decorated laurel in the world.

And hopefully in a few years they give us a second prize, we don’t have to go crazy either, as a city with the most promising entertainment and cultural offer in Spain, Europe, or the world. Set to dream…

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