The PSOE seeks the support of Cambronero, formerly of Cs, for the labor reform after tying Más País and Compromís




The PSOE is optimistic with the validation of the labour reform, which will be debated this Thursday at the Congress of Deputies. While Yolanda Diaz Y United We Can they strive to take care of most of the investiture and try to convince at the last minute to ERC, which right now heads a “common front” of pro-independence parties against the Royal decree law of government, the socialists explore new paths.

The last of them goes through convincing Pablo Cambronero -non-attached deputy who abandoned the discipline of citizens (Cs) after the motion of censure in the Region of Murcia-, with whom there have been contacts in recent hours as ABC has learned. Parliamentary sources assure this newspaper that this Monday there was a first rapprochement and that the PSOE spokesman, Hector Gomez, plans to call you in the next few hours; although from the Socialist Parliamentary Group they refuse to offer details of the negotiation.

Cambronero, who usually votes with the PP and with Vox, has not yet taken a position, however, on the labor reform. So your door to support the text agreed with the patronal and with the unions is open, as is the case with his former party, Cs, and with Unión del Pueblo Navarro (UPN).

This morning, at the press conferences preceding the Board of Speakers in Congress, both Ines Sabanes, from More Country, What Joan Baldoví, from Commitment, have confirmed the favorable vote of their two parties to the labor reform. Three yeses that join the 154 that add PSOE and United We Can, the nine of Cs and those of Teruel exists, New Canary and the Regionalist Party of Cantabria (PRC), with one deputy each. If there are no changes in the text, the Executive already has 169 favorable votes, to which it could add those of PDECat (4) and Canarian Coalition (1).

Touching the absolute majority

In total, there would be 174 endorsements, and adding Cambronero’s seat, 175. If the probable abstention of the UPN is added, which could even support the decree, the labor reform could be validated this Thursday without even needing to add the PNV. Some of the usual partners of the coalition government, especially the nationalists e independentistas, distanced themselves from the text agreed with the CEOE, CCOO Y UGT, and demanded modifications that neither the PSOE nor Díaz are willing to assume.

In private, socialist sources still see loopholes for the PNV to join the labor reform and from United We Can its spokesman in Congress, Paul Echenique, still this Tuesday he hoped to reach an agreement with ERC. TO eh Bildu both the PSOE and United We Can rule it out. But what seems increasingly clear is that the labor reform will go ahead, as they trust the Government, and that the path with Cs is clear of obstacles.

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