Toledo will plant 600 trees and 14,000 plants until March




The Toledo City Council highlighted this Monday that several urban areas of the city already have a new look thanks to the improvement and planting of different flowers, trees and shrubs framed in the Plantation Plan of the tree mass and green spaces, for which a total of 400,000 euros from October 2021 to March 2022.

This was stated at a press conference by the Councilor for Parks and Gardens of the Toledo City Council, Marta Medina, who announced that the city will have about 600 trees and 14,000 bushes and plants more distributed among the different landscaping projects and the tree replacement program in pits, which will continue in order to reach all the neighborhoods of Toledo.

Medina broke down each of the actions of this plan, highlighting that on Guadarrama Avenue, specifically in the median between the N-400 roundabout and the Boladiez Avenue roundabout, 70 pear trees and five cypresses have been planted, as well as 2,545 bushes and different flowers.

Automated irrigation has also been incorporated in this area in 553 square meters and landscaping work has been carried out with stone, ladybug and crane decoration. The total investment for this project has been around 48,275 euros.

Another of the initiatives that have been added to this plan have been the actions in the Sabatini roundabout, in the neighborhood of San Pedro el Verde, where the paving, the installation of automated irrigation and the landscaping of the area have been carried out by a investment of about 30,000 euros.

The Councilor for Parks and Gardens highlighted the actions carried out in the surroundings of the train station, which has been extended to approximately 400 square meters and has been based on the planting of 38 trees of the laurel species, 3 cypresses and 786 rose bushes , with an investment of around 16,000 euros.

Other actions in the access gardens to the municipal cemetery on Paseo de San Eugenio, which have consisted of planting 1,180 plants and shrubs, and in the roundabouts and median around the Polígono University Hospital, where 95 trees and 4,985 shrubs will be planted with an investment of 170,297 euros.

Marta Medina has also referred to the replacement of trees in the Plaza de San Cipriano, the Paseo de San Cristóbal, the Plaza del Conde, the Plaza Amador de los Ríos, the Paseo de Cabestreros, the Paseo del Carmen and the Plaza Padre Juan. of Mariana, among others.

As you mentioned, this specific project will involve an investment of 18,000 euros which includes, firstly, the removal of stumps to prepare the pits and spaces with new substrate for planting trees, shrubs and plants.

didactic work

To these projects, the mayor of Parks and Gardens added the plantations that are contemplated until next March by the company responsible for the maintenance of these spaces and that will involve the planting of 336 trees and 3,202 shrubs with a budget of 89,000 euros. This program will reach parks and green areas such as Parque de la Luz, Belgium, Paseo de Don Vicente, Aachen or Ronda del Granadal, among others.

The councilor emphasized the collaborations that the City Council has initiated with companies, entities and institutions with the aim of improving the natural forest and forest areas, as well as creating new green spaces. Thus, with Red Alimenta a project has been carried out to plant green areas with children; with Cáritas Diocesana, a reforestation project has been carried out in the slides of the Major Seminary; and with the Association for the Recovery of the Autochthonous Forest ‘ARBA’ of Toledo a performance in the park of Fuente del Moro.

Medina stressed that these collaborations not only aim to expand plantations and reforestation, but also constitute “a great educational and awareness-raising effort”, as well as volunteering. “From this Department we work and will continue to work to add more green spaces and recreation areas,” concluded Medina.

Pruning and sanitation

On the other hand, the councilor advanced that the pruning campaign and a specific program to treat dry trees and damaged by adverse weather events in recent months. “In addition to the work carried out so far, the technicians continue to check the damage and survival capacity of each tree, tree by tree, as well as its stability to decide if its replacement is necessary,” he explained.

On the replacement, the mayor indicated that each newly planted tree carries a study to choose the most suitable species and select the correct planting time, a task that is being carried out in different settings of the city.

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