Two weeks after human rights demonstration: Six people disappeared

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In Afghanistan, women demonstrated for the observance of human rights: since this protest two weeks ago, six people have disappeared © Oliver Weiken / dpa

In Afghanistan, two weeks after a demonstration for the observance of women’s human rights, there is no trace of six people.

Geneva – The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights based in Geneva expressed concern on Tuesday. Authorities have promised an investigation, but five women and one man are still missing. The militant Islamist Taliban have been in power again in Afghanistan since mid-August.

According to the UN organization, on January 19, a woman and her brother-in-law who took part in the protest were abducted in Kabul. On the same day, four sisters were taken from a house in the capital. There are reports that further participants are being sought. This creates a climate of fear. The UN office also receives credible reports of torture and ill-treatment of activists and media workers and former government or security force employees.

The UN Human Rights Office called for the release of those arrested and the prosecution of perpetrators who ill-treat or torture people because of their past activities or expressions of opinion. (dpa)

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