U-Committee on Capitol Storm Received Papers Torn by Trump

Some of the documents were torn into pieces and then taped back together, reports the Washington Post. It was initially unclear what exactly the documents were. The national archives responsible for storing such documents, which had forwarded the documents to the U-Committee, basically confirmed that they received documents torn up by the previous president after Trump’s term in office. The National Archives referred Tuesday to AFP news agency media reports since 2018 that Trump had a habit of tearing up documents – and that White House staff then taped the documents back together for legal retention.

“These were turned over to the National Archives after the end of the Trump administration, along with a number of torn documents that had not been reconstructed by the White House,” the Washington-based institution said. A law states that a president’s written records must be turned over to the National Archives after the end of his term of office.

The National Archives recently handed over documents from Trump’s tenure to the investigative committee into the January 6, 2021 Capitol storming. Trump unsuccessfully appealed against the release of the documents and ultimately failed before the country’s Supreme Court. The members of the U-Committee hope that the memos, e-mails, caller and visitor lists and notes from conversations will provide new insights into the role played by Trump and those around him in the violent attack on the US Parliament.

Radical Trump supporters stormed the Capitol when the election victory of US Democrat Joe Biden in the November 2020 presidential election was to be certified there. The storming of the seat of Congress with five dead caused horror worldwide and is considered a black day in the history of US democracy.

Most recently, Trump caused outrage with the announcement that he would pardon the attackers convicted of storming the Capitol if they returned to the White House. “If I run and if I win, we will treat the people of January 6 fairly,” the Republican said at a rally in the state of Texas on Saturday. “And if it requires pardons, we will pardon them for being treated so unfairly.”

Trump has repeatedly flirted with a renewed presidential candidacy in 2024. The right-wing populist is still the strongman in his Republican Party.


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