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This weekend we had a national tennis player, an emblem of glory and morality, and a Benidorm festival. It was like going back to the 60s, only the festival was no longer a melodic song, that was so beautiful.

It was organized by TVE and it is appropriate to remember that the last edition of ‘Operación Triunfo’ already had a vindictive tone that was too similar not to suspect.

With Rigoberta’s breast and the folk ugliness of the Tanxugueiras, they have politicized a festival that not long ago we sent the Chikilicuatre. It’s not that before he didn’t have politics, in fact he had it according to the eternal dispute between moderns (Azúcar Moreno) and castizos (Remedios Amaya), but taking it seriously was ‘carcas’ and therefore

the pitorreo path turned Eurovision into a self-parodic and frivolity festival (Thesis: Eurovision as a precedent for the EU in denationalization and the LGTBI).

What has happened now is that the left has discovered the frivolous, the Carrá and the gossip, anything that fits under the universal ‘wonderful’. The ‘Save me’ They have already politicized it and now they are going for Eurovision, for which they are asking for a more guaranteed voting system than that of the US.

Between both worlds there was a possible connection and it was (by chance) Rigoberta Bandini. If Serrat was Mediterranean, she is ‘Mediterranean’, a spokesperson to such an extent of the prevailing sensibility that it was also going to sound in Rocío Carrasco’s. We see its great importance, the genius that in it the Rocío Jurado world intersects with the beer advertisements facing the sea. Catalan producers have been squeezing and cooking Cañí folklore in their own way, and Rigoberta was perfect for her danceable, sensitive and sororous feminism.

Completing the political program of Yolanda Diaz, the other favorites sang “there are no borders”, which they later clarified on Twitter that “there are not at the moment” because Balkanizing is suddenly very Eurovision.

Massiel he won with «la, la, la», that was all that was needed, now they have discovered the choruses and want to take advantage of them. Put your things. They don’t have enough with movies, TV, commercials, university…

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