The mask against Covid on the street, an “absurd” measure criticized by scientists



Since the pandemic began, citizens have used protective measures against Covid that have never worked. From methacrylate screens to exhaustive cleaning of surfaces with bleach. At first it was done out of ignorance. But, with current knowledge, the most absurd measure that we maintain is the obligation to wear the mask in open spaces while we are allowed to take it off to enter a bar or a restaurant to eat or drink.

If we were looking for a simile of risk, it would be something like this, how to put on a helmet to go out for a walk and take it off when riding the motorcycle. It is known that the greatest risk of transmission of the Covid virus is in breathing in

closed spaces or in open areas with crowds of people where you can be very close to a possible infected person.

political theater

However, the Government decided to reintroduce the mask when the new Omicron variant began to spread like wildfire last December. He forced himself to go outside with his mouth covered after only six months of truce without her. The decision did not convince most experts working on the fight against the pandemic. “Forcing to wear a mask on the street while it is allowed to be removed inside a bar is an abs measurementurda», José Luis Jiménez, professor of Chemistry at the University of Colorado, told ABC.

This scientist is one of the scientists who has studied the transmission of the virus the most and considers these and other measures such as continue using hydroalcoholic gel or disinfect surfaces. “They choose a measure that does not bother any economic actor, such as the hotel industry. It does not seem that the priority is to stop the virus, but simply the political perception, “he thought then. Instead, it proposes intensifying the monitoring of closed spaces with CO2 meters and increased ventilation.

José María Martín-Moreno, Professor of Preventive Medicine at the University of Valencia, also described the decision at the time as “insufficient” and “demagogic”. “Politically it is easy to implement and symbolically conveys the message that measures are being taken. In the meantime, debate and decisions about how to limit social activities are avoided. He said it just before Christmas began, meetings were not limited and the social interaction of the holidays triggered the sixth wave.

Even with Ómicron down

Now, with Ómicron in clear decline, Spain maintains its decision. It validates the decree that regulates its use and there is no glimpse of a scenario in which it will be eliminated, although other European countries eliminate it. The theory of the Ministry of Health is that it has a psychological effect so as not to let our guard down in the face of the pandemic; reminds citizens of the importance of protecting themselves.

For the director of the Spanish Society of Immunology, Marcos López Hoyos, the outdoor mask is only useful in high-density situations, for example, on soccer campuses, concerts or shopping areas.

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