Was the storming of the Capitol a riot?

MAdison Cawthorn is a 26-year-old congressman and one of the most vocal right-wing Republicans. Not only does the North Carolina politician stand behind Donald Trump and his lie about voter fraud — many also believe he supported the attack on the Capitol on January 6 last year. Some Democrats now want to prevent Cawthorn from running again in the midterm congressional elections in November. Their weapon: a previously unknown constitutional amendment.

A group called Free Speech for People filed a complaint that North Carolina authorities are now investigating. The Democrats could also use this mechanism to attack other Republicans, such as right-wing MPs Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia or Louie Gohmert from Texas.

North Carolina’s Free Speech group, formally made up of “ordinary voters,” wants to show that Cawthorn directly supported the “insurgency.” So far, however, there are no indications of direct organizational help for violent criminals. Cawthorn and other Republicans have always insisted that all breaches of the law on January 6 should be condemned. Before the attack on the Capitol, Cawthorn had met with organizers of the Stop the Steal demonstration and tweeted that it was “time to fight” because the future of democracy depended on “the actions of a few.” At the rally, the MP told viewers that the Democrats wanted to “silence” them. After the attack on the Capitol, he and other Republicans labeled arrested rioters “political prisoners” and “hostages.”

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The third paragraph of the 14th Amendment, ratified in 1868, was actually intended to prevent politicians who had participated in the Southern secession from returning to Congress. It states that no one should be a senator or congressman who has been involved in a rebellion or insurrection against the constitution to which he is sworn. This also applies to those who help such enemies of the constitution.


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