«Before summer I am going to release some products that are going to be a boom»




We agreed to talk on the phone because today Bethlehem Esteban, not the television one but the Sabores one, as she herself says, a marathon day awaits her with her team. Their products; salmorejo, gazpacho, creams and chips are sold in 3,000 points of sale throughout the country and she only has words of thanks for consumers of all ages who have trusted her: «I want people to know that Belén Esteban television has nothing to do with that of the Flavors. I am a girl who has set up a company with great enthusiasm and above all I want people to know that it is a Spanish product, of quality, at a good price, and it is very good».

He acknowledges that the business is going from strength to strength and that sales are excellent, but now «I want to put it in all the points of sale that I can and export it internationally and we are working on it. But it is complicated in Spain, imagine getting it out, but we are working hard and hopefully I will get it, “he explains.

He has spent a lot of time and money, but he knew what he wanted. «When I started it was a new world, I went and I go to all the meetings. I sell my product, I count on the help of my team, but I am at the foot of the canyon, I knew what I was selling. We are already more than 50 people working, when I go to the factories and see the jobs we have created, it makes me very happy”, she admits excitedly. The one that sells the most is the cream of vegetables and it has revolutionized the potato chip market with the Esteban formula: «The world of potatoes is very complicated, but I knew I wanted the one from when I was little, the one from the churrería , and I wanted a bag that was not expensive and was not full of air, because many times I have opened bags and they are half full. And above all the taste of the potato, which is very good».

She laughs as she confesses that she buys her products herself at the supermarket and that she loves seeing them on the shelves and having the staff tell her how successful they are. And although she has already come a long way, the businesswoman is not going to withdraw from television for the time being because she really likes her job and is very grateful for what television has given her all these years. And for those who think that ‘Sálvame’ is not going through its best moment, Belén is clear about it: «I started with Jorge Javier Vázquez and we have been at the top for many years, it is true that we are there now, but it is that I I know that ‘Sálvame’ is going to come back and we’re starting to do it. There are many people who see us, even if they say no or criticize it, I bet a lot on my program, “he predicts.

Impossible not to ask her about the soap opera of the week, the separation from her friend Anabel Pantoja with whom she says she has talked a lot: «For me she is more than a friend, and I think she has been very brave in making this decision, but I want it to be happy. I have a lot of love for the black man (her husband, Omar Sánchez), but in life one has to be happy. They are going to be hard days, she has been very generous with the program both on her wedding day and on her breakup.

It is not necessary to ask Esteban about her husband, Miguel, and not even if the business has united or distanced them more, it is forceful: «He is my right hand, my husband, we are very happy with everything, I let myself be advised very well by my husband», ditch without hesitation. And he is reluctant, for the moment, to reveal the next launch of the Sabores de la Esteban: «Before the summer I am going to release more things, not many more, between eight and ten products, and I will only dedicate myself to those. It’s going to be a boom,” he advances.

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