CCOO and UGT suddenly received 56% more subsidies for “union activities”




The two main unions, Comisions Obreras (CCOO) and the General Union of Workers (UGT), joined during the past year up to 56% more in state subsidies compared to what they had been receiving during previous years. This follows from the written responses of the Government itself, dated yesterday, to two questions from the PP in the Senate about what these unions have received since 2018, when the PSOE and Pedro Sánchez took over La Moncloa.

This considerable increase from one year to the next has occurred in one of the two ways in which the unions receive these subsidies. The most important is for the “carrying out of trade union activities”.

And that is where the Ministry of Labor, which is headed by the second vice president and leader United We Can (UP), Yolanda Díaz, took the opportunity to extraordinarily increase these subsidies to the unions.

Thus, during the past year CCOO and UGT received almost 3.7 million euros more that until then only by this way. The first went from 3.3 million to about 5.3 and the second, from 3 to more than 4.7. Adding and rounding amounts, both unions went from just 6.4 million euros to almost 10 to pay for their union activities, which represents an increase of more than 56% in a single year.

To these amounts must be added others more than 600,000 euros that each one receives of these unions for participating in advisory bodies of the Ministry of Labor and entities managing Social Security. These subsidies, which represent the smallest part of the CCOO and UGT that enter each year, have remained almost identical at 677,000 and 635,000 euros, respectively.

And this year, even more

All of the above is one of the consequences of the PSOE and United We Can government agreement. While Sánchez governed alone, he had to do so with the extended budgets that he inherited from the PP. Shortly after accessing the Government, already in 2012 Rajoy reduced the budget for union subsidies to a maximum of 8.8 million euros, of which CCOO and UGT hoarded about 7.7 each year.

It remained that way until 2021, when the PSOE and United We Can approved their first joint budget and increased that same item by 5 million more: from 8.8 to 13.8 million, of which CCOO and UGT took 11.3. And the Government of Sánchez will continue to increase this item even more, because the General State Budgets (PGE) for this same year they raise it to 17 million euros. Almost double the 8.8 that the State spent on subsidizing the unions during the last decade and until a couple of years ago.

And all this within the framework of the undisguised support of these two unions for the Government of Sánchez and Díaz, among other things to endorse and praise an alleged labor reform that, as most experts agree, is not even remotely the one that PSOE and United We can had promised, among others to CCOO and UGT.

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