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A septicemia was about to cost him his life Ainhoa ​​Arteta last summer. In fact, due to the serious infection he suffered, several phalanges of his hand and foot had to be amputated. That hard trance has kept her away from television sets, but the prestigious soprano is now back. This Thursday he gave his first television interview on ‘El Hormiguero’ after overcoming his worrying health problems to “celebrate life”. And it is that the lyrical singer returns to the stage very excited; will do it with ‘Bohemian’ at Marquina Theater in Madrid.

A large part of the interview has been dedicated to recounting one of the hardest episodes of his life

. “I was about to die, but I practically didn’t find out until later.” The cause was a renal colic that was complicated. «It caused me a multi-organ failure, they had to induce a coma for four or five days. I narrowly escaped the coma.” Paradoxes of life, she got ahead thanks to penicillin, a drug to which she is allergic. «Like all singers and athletes, I have medicated myself many times with antibiotics. So, my body has built up resistance to them, so I was dying. In the end it was, or he dies, or we put penicillin in him and if he has a very strong allergic reaction, he dies too, but we have no other choice, “he revealed.

Although he found out about everything later. «When it happened to me I was in Puerto Sherry (Cádiz), and they had to take me by helicopter to the Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville. One of the things that can terrify us lyrical singers the most is that they induct us, because it passes through the vocal cords and is dangerous». So, when he heard that she would have to be intubated, the last thing he remembers is that he grabbed one of the toilets to avoid it.

The next thing was to wake up, and find his right hand and feet black, having lost several phalanges. «In the coma I don’t know what medicines they use, but they prevent the irrigation from reaching your extremities. My left one was saved because it is close to the heart and more blood was coming”, explained the soprano. They have also done grafts on both his hands and feet due to septicemia. In addition, he has detailed that it was difficult for him to speak. “I wanted to say a word and it came out weird at first.

Of those 10 days he spent in a covid-19 ICU, he wanted to underline a message praising the work of health professionals. “During that time I have been able to observe how they are working against the pandemic, and that the value of all health workers and doctors in this situation is immeasurable. Some flights, some races… Incredible.” Because of that experience, he has once again emphasized that “in this country, the real warriors are being the health workers.”

His biggest fear: losing his voice

In addition, he has uncovered that his subsequent vocal cord problems were caused by intubation. “It’s taboo, they tell me not to tell it, but man if I’m going to tell it… For what I have left in the convent…”, he joked.

“It is true that my injury was due to intubation. One of the glands that generates saliva and glucose was closed to continue lubricating the rope. This began to show its face in September, and in October I was left without a voice. When that gland was closed, he continued, “a kind of mucosal cyst was forming and it was getting bigger and bigger because I couldn’t take medication to reduce the inflammation either. I have had four operations in a few months.

As one of the greatest “voice athletes” of Spanish lyric that she is, that’s where she really got scared. «When I saw that there was the possibility of losing my voice, yes, a very great fear entered me. On November 3, he had an open vocal cord operation. The doctor told him that he could sing again, but that it would take six months to a year to recover vocally.

And yet, here it is, about to recapture the scene. Singing heals me, heals me. Being able to feel again those great authors that pass through my body through the vocal cords is one of the things that I have appreciated the most, in addition to seeing myself alive again, “he acknowledged. With them, he has “changed the chip” a lot. “When you have been about to die, life is seen differently.”

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