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The most important thing about the corona virus

Europe opens up, Germany debates. While the corona restrictions are falling in more and more countries, the federal government is sending conflicting signals: Chancellor Scholz does not yet see any scope for easing, while FDP leader Lindner is at the forefront of those who want to quickly abolish the strict contact restrictions. However, intensive care physicians warn against this step. Go to Article

OPINION Let’s finally argue about an end to the Corona rules. When is the point reached where the virus is part of the general risk of life? People need a discussion about this – right now, in the middle of the omicron wave. To the comment

WHO sees Europe facing a possible corona “endgame”. Because of the many vaccinations and natural immunization, Europe has a good chance of getting the pandemic under control. The Standing Vaccination Commission is in favor of a second booster vaccination for groups that are particularly at risk of health and are exposed. In addition, Stiko recommends the use of the Novavax corona vaccine for people aged 18 and over. Corona reports at a glance

What the RKI found out about the vaccination readiness of people with a migration background. Age, education and income influence vaccination behavior significantly more than origin, as the RKI found in surveys as part of vaccination monitoring. However, language barriers have a negative effect on the vaccination rate: the less well someone speaks German, the less likely that person is vaccinated. To the article (SZ Plus)

News compact

Moscow bans Deutsche Welle from broadcasting. The station has to close its office in Moscow and its correspondents have to leave the country. The Kremlin is reacting to the end of the Russian state broadcaster RT in Germany. It is feared that the Russian authorities could also take action against correspondents from other German media. The dispute increases tensions ahead of Chancellor Scholz’s visit to Russia. He wants to be more visible in the Ukraine crisis in the future – and has already arranged a meeting with French President Macron. Go to Article

The leader of the “Islamic State” is dead. Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Kurashi is killed in a US military operation in northwestern Syria. He had been the leader of IS since 2019 – as the successor to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. US President Biden says he ordered the operation. Go to Article

ECB boss Lagarde remains firm on the interest rate issue. The inflation rate in the euro zone was 5.1 percent in January. This is the highest value since the monetary union was founded more than 20 years ago. The European Central Bank is nevertheless continuing its zero interest rate policy. However, an interest rate hike this year no longer seems to be out of the question. Go to Article

Olympic opening: Pechstein and Friedrich wear German flage. The 49-year-old speed skater and the 31-year-old bobsledder will lead the German team in Beijing on Friday. Half of the German flag bearers are elected by the athletes of the German team and half by fans via internet voting. Go to Article

Killed police officers in Kusel: signs of a financial motive are increasing. More details about the 38 and 32-year-old suspects are gradually coming to light. When searching storage rooms, the police found tons of frozen game meat, as well as documents that suggest that the 38-year-old earned around 40,000 euros in a short time. The 32-year-old’s lawyer has requested that the arrest warrant against his client be suspended. He didn’t shoot, he didn’t earn directly from the income from poaching either, he was only an assistant. Go to Article

Other important topics of the day

That interested a lot of people today

Where is Olaf Scholz? While Macron and Johnson are busy on the phone with Putin, the Chancellor is keeping a low profile. He will travel to Moscow “soon”, he says on ZDF, he does not give an exact date. Another country could now play a more important role in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Go to Article

Donald Trump binds his critics together. A bipartisan group of senators is working on electoral reform. Only the Democrats want much more far-reaching changes than the Republicans. And Trump has long been preparing for his comeback. Go to Article

SZ series “A call to…”: They just gave us a penalty. The pizza maker Shademan Souri from Giessen had short-term trouble with Uefa because of his “Champignons League” pizza. It’s over now and it’s crystal clear who the winner is. Go to Article

Last but not least

When the mask falls. Ex-Trump adviser Rudy Giuliani reportedly sings in costume on US television. Sarah Connor loves her son more than sand and Channing Tatum felt “like the fat kid at the buffet”. To the people reports

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