Officials in the AfD should face disciplinary proceedings

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Human Rights Institute: Officials in the AfD should face disciplinary proceedings © Michael Kappeler/dpa

According to the German Institute for Human Rights (DIMR), standing up for the AfD should have professional consequences for civil servants.

Berlin – “If superiors learn that civil servants are members of the AfD or are committed to it, even without being a member, it is necessary for the superiors to take disciplinary action,” the institute found in a new study presented on Tuesday. This is made necessary by the “advanced radicalization of the AfD”.

After all, civil servants have the duty “to stand up for the free-democratic basic order, both on and off duty,” said the author of the study, Hendrik Cremer. In a state governed by the rule of law, it is necessary to “dismiss people from the civil service who oppose the indispensable foundations of human rights: the principle of human dignity to which all people are equally entitled and the associated principle of equal rights for all people”.

However, an individual assessment is always necessary, he emphasized. Should an AfD member be able to demonstrate, for example, that he “seriously and unequivocally criticizes the national-völkisch orientation in the party’s program within the party and is committed to a programmatic correction”, dismissal would not be necessary.

The DIMR is Germany’s independent national human rights institution. The institute is financed from the budget of the Bundestag. (dpa)

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