Ximo Puig announces the restrictions for the Fallas 2022



20:11«Mouthwashes are an effective tool to reduce the infecting capacity of Ómicron»
The biochemist Ismael Mingarro defends the enguajes as “an additional measure but never to replace the mask or hand washing.”
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20:11The Supreme Court’s ruling against Ximo Puig’s restrictions opens the way to request compensation
The lawyer who has presented the litigation asks the High Court to “clarify” the sentence due to the possible scope for thousands of affected people.
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The lawyer Curro Nicolau
The lawyer Curro Nicolau – ABC

20:11The TSJ refuses to suspend child vaccination of the coronavirus in Valencian schools
The court does not assess the errors denounced by families and decides only on whether it should give a hearing to the Generalitat and the Prosecutor’s Office.
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20:11Ximo Puig on the restrictions in the Fallas 2022: «They are not going to be parties with absolute normality»
The president of the Generalitat advocates a model similar to that of September while the mayor Joan Ribó reiterates that the City Council works “in normal coordinates”.
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A Fallas artist unloading his ninots in the exhibition of the City of Arts and Sciences
A Fallas artist unloading his ninots in the exhibition of the City of Arts and Sciences – EP

20:11They detect language delays in children born during the coronavirus pandemic due to masks
Professionals warn of a delay in diagnosing these socialization problems due to the effects of the health crisis.
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20:11The Valencian Community adds 26 more deaths from coronavirus and consolidates the decrease in infections
Health reports more discharges than new positives for the fourth consecutive day, with hospitalizations falling.
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20:11The Government insists that the mask against the coronavirus will not be mandatory “soon” outdoors
The Minister of Health assures that the country is “in a position to relax measures” after the decline of the sixth wave.
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20:11Ximo Puig is committed to maintaining the mandatory use of the mask outdoors in the face of the coronavirus
The president of the Generalitat Valenciana defends the use of face masks as “a symbol that the coronavirus pandemic Covid-19 He is among us.”
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20:11Third dose in the Valencian Community: when should I get vaccinated after passing the coronavirus?
Health recommends administering the puncture booster five months after infection, although it can be inoculated after four weeks.
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20:11They demand that the Generalitat Valenciana hire security guards in health centers in the face of “the increase in aggressions”
The CSIF union warns that the tension suffered by the healthcare workers “It has negative effects on their health and affects the operation of the company.”
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