Alleged supporter of a Syrian terrorist group arrested

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The woman is now in custody © Uli Deck/DPA

On Friday morning, the federal prosecutor arrested a young German for suspected support of a Syrian terrorist group.

Karlsruhe – On Friday morning, the federal prosecutor’s office had a young German woman arrested for suspected support of a Syrian terrorist group. The woman from the Hochtaunus district has now been brought before the investigating judge and is in custody, the Karlsruhe authorities said in the afternoon. She is accused of helping her husband travel to Syria according to Islamic rites and join the Hai’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) group as a fighter.

The federal prosecutor’s office did not provide any information on the woman’s age. However, the statement states that she is strongly suspected of having “supported a foreign terrorist organization as an adolescent”. The woman is said to have bought plane tickets to travel to Turkey with her husband in July 2021. She also gave him at least 5,000 euros. After her return to Germany, she sent him another 1,500 euros. (dpa)

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