Carry everything with you with these card holder cases and mobile phone holders

Adhesive mobile card holder

we start with this adhesive mobile card holder specially selected by Amazon within its category. It is a cheap adhesive mobile card holder, available in 4 colors and especially resistant.

This silicone mobile card holder incorporates a 3M adhesive that is very easy to stick and offers extra resistance. Most important of all, what never must to forget is clean the surface of the telephone, before to place the adhesive card holder for KStore mobiles. It’s super comfortable.

It is an ideal way to simplify the exits to the street. All above and all close forever. Keys and card holder in the mobile.

Adhesive card holder mobile case

The adhesive card holder for mobile cover from MyGadget is a convenient 8.8cm x 5.6cm x 0.3cm card holder with a metallic finish. It is an adhesive card holder for mobile phone case with 3 compartments and finished in black style.

A metal mobile card holder like this one is perfect for carrying everything, obviously you can put more things. A subway card, the bus pass, DAYS, bills… there are even those who use it to store headphones and keys.

Also, it’s a universal mobile card holder, compatible with most models. It even has a protection of aluminum fibers that block RFID and NFC radio waves.

Wallet case for iPhone XR

Is wallet case for iPhone XR It is one of the best valued purchases of this type that can be found. More than 7 out of 10 people who have written a review about this iPhone wallet case, have chosen a rating of 5 stars.

The Dockem iPhone wallet case is made of synthetic leather. It is perfect to carry everything by hand. Offers 2 separate slots to carry a couple of cards, the DNI, even offers enough space to put a bill.

It is a wallet case for iPhone XR specially designed for not interfere with charging smartphone.

smartphone holder for cards

It is smartphone holder for cards from Ringke is another of the products chosen within its section. It is a smartphone holder for cards made in polycarbonate and slim type. Its 3M-type adhesive offers a very simple installation and excellent durability performance.

This smartphone holder for cards is compatible with most cell phones iPhone, Xiaomi Y Samsung.

Safe, practical, economical and wonderful. It sticks to the surface with great force and does not create bulk. I love that it’s hard, I’ve dropped my phone several times and it hasn’t broken. This is how the latest reviews of this smartphone card holder speak.

Slim case with card holder

we end with this ultra slim card holder case, available in 9 different colors and stands out especially in valuations positive. Up to 73% of people who have reviewed this ultra-slim card holder case have given it a 5-star rating.

This card holder for smartphones has dimensions of 9.1 x 0.3 x 5.6 cm and a weight of only 7 grams. It offers a special closure and space for up to 5 cards. Its special closure is very discreet and offers extra security.

Has enough space wide and molds easily. It is an ultra-thin card holder case that is also perfect for storing bills, keys… whatever you fancy.

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