Castilla y León registers 17 deaths in hospitals and 3,303 new infections




Castilla y León has reported this Friday 17 new deaths in its hospitals in the last 24 hours and two more deaths in the residences of the Community since last Tuesday. By provinces, those who died in hospital centers have been distributed with 8 in Burgos, 3 in León and Salamanca, and another three between the provinces of Palencia, Soria and Valladolid. In addition, according to the data provided by the Ministry of Health and collected by Ical, on the last day 3,303 infections were registered in the autonomy, 358 less than yesterday Thursday and 36.7 percent less than the 5,219 on Friday of the preceding week.

So far, deaths in hospitals amount to 1,428 in Valladolid; 1,389 in León; 983 in Salamanca; 895 in Burgos; 560 in Palencia; 510 in Zamora; 434 in Avila; 407 in Segovia; and 315 in Soria.

On the other hand, the new infected were concentrated today in Valladolid, 729; Salamanca, 532 and Burgos, 497. Likewise, there are 472 new infected in León; 331 in Avila; 236 in Palencia; 186 in Zamora; 172 in Segovia and 148 in Soria. The cases declared in the last 24 hours reach 2,939 in the Community.

Thus, Castilla y León reaches 620,502 total infections. Since the start of the pandemic, Valladolid has accumulated 146,092 positives, followed by Burgos (102,893), León (102,753), Salamanca (81,056), Palencia (48,000), Segovia (41,295), Ávila (37,827), Zamora (35,950) and Soria. (24,636).

On the other hand, hospitals in Castilla y León have reported a total of 120 hospital discharges in the last 24 hours for a total of 38,030, with the Valladolid centers at the head with 9,351 discharges, followed by the hospitals of León (6,607), Burgos (5,700), Salamanca (4,904), Palencia (2,950), Zamora (2,465), Ávila (2,266), Segovia (2,232) and Soria (1,555).

By last, active outbreaks in the Community have been reduced by 29 since Thursday, to 465 total, with 6,132 associated cases, 52 less than this Thursday. Valladolid continues to lead the number of active outbreaks with 99 and 849 linked cases, while Salamanca (83 outbreaks and 1,412 positives), Zamora (71 and 1,220), Burgos (52 and 623), Segovia (45 and 404 cases linked ), Soria (37 and 468), Ávila (35 and 699), León (27 and 278) and Palencia (16 and 179).

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