Claudia Roth sees ban on Deutsche Welle as “aggressive act”

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Claudia Roth sees the ban on Deutsche Welle as an “aggressive act” © Dagmar Rutt

Minister of State for Culture Claudia Roth described the ban on broadcasting by the German foreign broadcaster Deutsche Welle in Russia as an “aggressive act”.

Berlin – The ban on broadcasting is an attack on press freedom and an expression of a major crisis, said the Green politician on Friday in the ARD “Morgenmagazin”. According to the Russian government, the decision is a reaction to the ban on broadcasting by the Russian broadcaster RT DE in Germany. On Wednesday, the Commission for Approval and Supervision at the media authorities banned the distribution of the television program because of a missing broadcasting license.

Roth emphasized that such a decision in Germany would be taken by the media authorities and independently of the federal government. “That would apply to a US broadcaster as well as to a Russian broadcaster.” She criticized RT DE for not having applied for a license in the first place. Despite all the sadness and anger she feels, she will try everything to make the difference between Deutsche Welle and RT DE clear to the Russian Minister of Culture and once again point out the legal conditions in Germany. (dpa)

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