Families from the Canet school ask the TSJC to revoke the 25% of Spanish and continue the immersion




“We have the right to claim it. The law also protects families who ask for Catalan as an integral and vehicular language at school. Twenty eight parents of the school Canet de Mar Dragon Hill (Barcelona), in which since last December 9 and in compliance with precautionary measures issued by the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) 25 percent more Spanish is taught in a P5 class (last year of Early Childhood Education), they have sent a letter to the aforementioned court requesting that these measures be revoked and that immersion in Catalan be maintained.

The measures that seek to paralyze these families respond to the request of the parents of a student

of the classroom that asked for more Spanish for her son and that she was harassed in the networks for her claim. On December 10, the TSJC adopted a provision in which it ordered the Minister of Education of the Generalitat, Josep Gonzàlez-Cambray, and the management of the center to adopt “the necessary measures to preserve the protection and privacy” of the aforementioned minor and the family in the face of the harassment campaign that they suffered

Now, this group of families, representing 30 of the 45 students in the classroom, are resorting to the courts to demand that that percentage of Spanish granted to the family by the courts disappears and the rights of parents who want full education in Catalan prevail.

The parents who have submitted their petition to the TSJC act on their own, they say, and they regret that the Generalitat has not taken them into account earlier in its judicial responses. «The Generalitat had the obligation to notify those affected of the actions it was going to take regarding the center. From the point of view of a legal strategy, the position of the Generalitat would have been more strengthened with the representation of the families”, assured the spokesmen for the plaintiff parents at a press conference held this morning in Canet de Mar. «The monopoly of the debate has been made from a perspective of public administration», they lamented.

actions on the street

The families have also advanced that “we will try to take our position to the streets” with actions that will be specified in the coming days. The families, who trust that the TSJC will recognize their “interested position” in the conflict, they hope that other families from centers in which 25 percent more Spanish is applied by court order will follow in their footsteps and go to court. “We are not aware of specific initiatives like ours, but some families from other centers have shown interest in learning about ours,” they have specified in statements to the media.

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