Mexican businessman and rancher Alberto Baillères dies at 90




The businessman and rancher Alberto Baillères González, one of the most powerful men in Mexico and the world, died this Thursday night in Mexico City at the age of 90, reports ‘Mundotoro’. He was about to celebrate the 76th anniversary of Plaza México, on Saturday, dealing with a bull run of his property, in the bullfight where El Juli, Octavio García El Payo and Miguel Aguilar, who will receive the alternative, will perform.

A brave rancher, a bullfighting businessman, but above all a passionate lover of the wild party, Baillères established himself as one of the most important men in the bullfighting world.

Owner of the main bullrings in the interior of the Mexican Republic, of the ranches of San Miguel de Mimiahuápam, Begoña, San Martín and Santa Teresa, in Mexico, and Zalduendo in Spain, he decided to dedicate a large part of his life to promoting the festival brava, your passion.

Since 2016, together with the architect Javier Sordo, he formed the company Tauroplaza México, to manage the largest bullfighting arena in the world. According to Guillermo Leal in the aforementioned portal, in addition to his importance in the economic, political and business sphere of Mexico, he was a simple, affable man, who enjoyed his family, his greatest treasure, which is why he was always accompanied by Doña Tere , his wife, and his children who will now take care of their businesses.

About his unstoppable career, this is how Yaiza Santos told ABC in 2015, when Baillères landed in Spain in the bullfighting business with the FIT (International Fusion for Bullfighting): «Bachelor of Economics with three honorable mentions by the ITAM (the ITAM ( Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico), the university founded by his father, was preparing to study for a postgraduate degree at the London School of Economics when his older brother died in a traffic accident. Then, at the age of 27, he became heir to the Grupo Cremi (acronym for “Mining Credit”), the conglomerate that his father, Raúl, had been building since the twenties of the last century, when he founded a company dedicated to the buying and selling of precious metals.Raúl Baillères took good advantage of the nationalist airs that propitiated the Revolution and bought foreign companies, such as El Palacio de Hierro or Cervecera Moctezuma, to make them one hundred percent Mexican An accidental fall caused the death of the patriarch in 1967 and made young Alberto the master of a giant that then controlled fifteen companies. Under his command, the firms became nine, renamed Grupo Bal, and the family business was not only consolidated, but also grew exponentially – he has a fortune ten times greater than the one his father amassed.

Doctor honoris causa by ITAM for his contribution to the development of higher education in the country, his acquaintances unhesitatingly highlight his philanthropic work: not only did he continue to support his father’s work at his alma mater, one of the most prestigious private universities in Mexico, but also, for example, created the Mexican Foundation for Health, and has not forgotten ecological issues either: next to one of its mines, it promoted a park built from the waste of mineral extraction«.

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