NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg becomes Norway’s central bank governor

The 62-year-old will be the new head of the Norwegian central bank, as the Norwegian Ministry of Finance announced in Oslo on Friday. Stoltenberg has been General Secretary of the Militral Alliance since 2014. His current mandate expires on September 30, 2022. The Social Democrat was Prime Minister in his home country from 2005 to 2013.

Stoltenbergs His candidacy for the chief post at the central bank was controversial because of his close friendship with the Social Democratic Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Sthre. As NATO Secretary General, he is currently particularly concerned with the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The Western military alliance of 30 European and North American countries fears that Russian troops could invade the neighboring country.

The previous deputy head of the central bank, Ida Wolden Bache, was also under discussion as a candidate for the post of head of the central bank. Wolden Bache will now take over the management temporarily on March 1st. Stoltenberg the new office is expected to take up office at the beginning of December. This means that the NATO states still have some time before deciding on his successor.

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