nine people will go to trial for spreading a hoax about pedophile politicians in Castellón




The dissemination of one of the biggest hoaxes of the black chronicle in the country will be settled in court more than two decades later. The Court of Instruction number 5 of Castellón has opened an oral trial against nine people for what is known as case Bar Spain, which located in Benicarló a network of pederasts made up of relevant people who sexually assaulted and murdered minors in a center in the town of Castellón while performing satanic rites. A gang that, according to the defendants, would also be covered up by judges, police and civil guards.

Those responsible for stating that the capital of La Plana was “a paradise” for pedophiles and even demonstrating in front of the court in 2017 when the investigation was underway, will sit on the bench for crimes against moral integrity, insults and slander with publicity against authorities, officials and individuals.

In addition, one of them is also prosecuted for false accusation.

The magistrate asks a deposit of 2.4 million euros -in cash or in goods- to guarantee the payment of possible indemnities to those affected if the sentence that is handed down deems it so. An amount that must be paid jointly and that is also faced by the editor of the digital newspaper Here actuality as civil responsible for it, since it was one of the platforms that were used to launch lies.

After completing the investigation, the responsible judge determined that, at least since 1998, some people -including the former president of the Castellón Provincial Council charles fabra, the former president of the Generalitat Francisco Camps or the magistrate Sofía Díaz- “have been the subject of continuous false information appearing on different pages, blogs and television channels”, linking them “with a mafia, political, judicial and pedophile corruption organization” that held meetings in the aforementioned restaurant -which had rooms- to commit “heinous facts”, all of them “flatly false”.

A campaign of “harassment and public discredit” that, according to the abbreviated procedure order published in March 2021, was started by the owner of a hairdresser who had already died and was previously convicted of this matter, and for which many false complaints have been made to different legal authorities.

The judge indicated that the defendants have acted “in a defamatory manner against those affected, seriously attacking their moral integrity and artificially instigating hatred against their victims, affecting their honor.” The promoters of this hoax that has been circulating since the 1990s also pointed to current positions in the Generalitat as cover-ups, such as its vice president and Minister of Equality, Monica Oltra.

The minors who were allegedly the object of sexual acts and aggression, according to the order, They admitted that these accusations were not true.. Likewise, they explained that the main promoter of the invented plot forced them, taking advantage of their days of leave from the juvenile center where they were interned due to their family circumstances, to learn some texts in which they recounted the aggressions to record them in the upper part from your local hairdresser or in your own homes. His parents, in fact, were also convicted of these falsehoods.

“For years, Internet users specialized in the spread of hoaxes and in the dissemination of conspiracy theories, spread the story and published it and maintained it in different forums,” the court document highlighted, for which it was agreed to continue the procedure against those responsible for several digital publications that stated, among other things, that “almost a hundred children were raped continuously in Castellón for more than a decade.”

In this regard, one of the defendants – known in networks with the pseudonym of ‘Concerned Technician’ – was practiced in 2016 a house search in which documentation on the case was intervened. Another assured in the media that he did not premiere the documentary that he himself had recorded on this matter for fear of reprisals.

Rejects more precautionary measures

In a new act dated December 2021, the judge indicates to the Criminal Court of Castellón that it corresponds in turn as the competent body “for the knowledge and ruling of the case”. the judgment still waiting for a specific date, since the appeals of the defendants before the Provincial Court are pending resolution.

In the same way, it rejects the precautionary measures requested by the Prosecutor’s Office and the rest of the accusations, among which is the Generalitat’s Advocacy: asking the Spanish Data Protection Agency to contact Google, Yahoo, Facebook or Twitter, among other information channels, so that they will block any publication related to the case.

The magistrate understands that this request should have been made in the investigation phase and is not justified now, for which she calls for it to be assessed as a penalty for a future sentence.

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