Palin’s Opening Statements Against The New York Times

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Sarah Palin filed a defamation lawsuit against the New York Times. © John Minchillo/AP/dpa

Has a comment in the US newspaper “New York Times” damaged the career of conservative US politician Sarah Palin? A court should now clarify this.

New York – In the trial of conservative US politician Sarah Palin against the newspaper “New York Times” for errors in reporting, the opening arguments have taken place.

Palin filed a defamation lawsuit in 2017 after the influential newspaper erroneously linked the shooting of a politician in Arizona in 2011 to Palin’s statements. The allegations were made in a New York Times op-ed and later corrected.

According to US media, Palin’s lawyers argued that the false statements had damaged the career of the former Alaskan governor and 2008 vice presidential candidate. In contrast, the New York Times’ defense said the mistakes were honest, not intentional misrepresentation. According to US media, the process could have a signal effect on press freedom in the United States. In the country, conservatives repeatedly accuse the liberal media of being listless. dpa

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