Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s staff are running away

Other confidants of the conservative head of government praised the farewells on Friday as part of a “cultural change”.

In particular, the departure of his most important political adviser, Munira Mirza, is likely to hit the prime minister to the core. The head of the political department was considered one of his closest confidants. Now, a sharp personal attack on opposition leader Keir Starmer, in which the prime minister used a conspiracy theory circulating in right-wing circles, was the last straw.

In her farewell letter, Mirza asked her previous boss to apologize. “It’s not too late for you but – I’m sorry to say – it’s too late for me,” she wrote. In 2020, he himself named Mirza one of the five most influential women in his life.

Your resignation leaves a huge gap, the online portal “Politico” quoted a government official as saying. “This is tremendous.” Unnamed employees of “Number 10” explained that Johnson would not be in such a disastrous situation if he had listened more to Mirza. “A bunch of inexperienced or unqualified people seem to form the immediate inner circle, and niche issues are overtaking the most important political issues,” the portal quoted its sources as saying.

“Everything Falls Apart”

Soon only cat Larry will live with the prime minister on Drowning Street, British Twitter users joked yesterday. The last one please turn off the light, headlined the “Daily Mail” to a photo of Johnson. The newspaper “The Times” quoted a member of the government: “It feels like the end. Everything is falling apart.”

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