Sergio Sayas, the Navarrese who dazzled the right

Sergio Sayas He did not dedicate himself to politics by chance, nor by family tradition nor, like so many other people, by an ideological awakening at the university. No, what happened to this Navarrese born in 1979 in Buñuel, a small town in the south of the Comunidad Foral, a hundred kilometers from Pamplona, ​​has to do with one of the most traumatic events in the history of Spain, the murder of Michelangelo White at the hands of ETA in the summer of 1997. This year will be the twenty-fifth anniversary of that, the same years that Sayas has been active in Union of the Navarrese People (UPN), the party that now accuses him of being disloyal and demands that he deliver his deputy certificate to the

Congress of Madrid for having voted no on Thursday to the decree of the labor reform, against the guidelines stated the day before by the leader of the party, Javier Esparza.

Having just come of age, and Spanish society shocked by the murder of the young councilor from Ermua, Sayas decided to take sides, without even informing his family. So much so that, as he himself has related on occasion, his mother found out about his militancy when she saw him at an act on television, which caused him great displeasure. The beginnings of Sayas, moreover, were not easy at all. When he was 23 years old, he arrived almost by chance at the Berriozar City Council, a municipality where the ‘abertzale’ left has a great presence. He forced him to have an escort for several years.

a resounding debut

That baggage as a constitutionalist councilor in ‘Comanche territory’ indelibly marks his political trajectory until Thursday’s challenge to the leadership of the UPN, so as not to give a single breath of oxygen to a government like that of Pedro Sanchez backed by Bild. Although on this occasion the heir formation of Batasuna, the former political arm of ETA, also pressed the same button as Sayas and his partner in the caucus, Carlos Garcia Adanero. The no to labor reform.

Sayas arrived at the Congress of Deputies after the general elections of April 28, 2019, repeated later in November of that same year due to the existing blockade situation. And it did not take long to dazzle the center-right bench. During the investiture of Sánchez, in January 2020, his speech against the candidate for accepting the support of Bildu, whose abstention was decisive for the launch of the Executive of the PSOE and United We Can, had the virtue of standing up in unison, for the first time, to all the deputies of the PP, Vox and Ciudadanos. Sayas, who as a member of the Mixed Group had less time than the spokespersons of the large groups, took advantage of it to deal a series of dialectical blows to Sánchez who were applauded enthusiastically. Pablo Casado, Santiago Abascal and Inés Arrimadas.

He spoke of the “ineffable speech” of Bildu’s spokesperson, Mertxe Aizpurua, and of the “self-conscious, submissive and kneeling response, of who is the acting President of the Government.” In addition, directing his gaze to the blue bench, he stated that “it is necessary to have swallows, Mr. Sánchez, to be invested president of Spain with the votes of Bildu”, and then announced that he was going to say what Sánchez should have said to Aizpurua . At the height of his speech, he stated that “what he has not told you is that fascism is 857 murdered by the terrorist group ETA in our country. That is fascism!” he concluded emphatically. With that band, he even dared to challenge Esparza for the UPN primaries that same year, coming out defeated but with 41% of the vote.

Sayas, a graduate in Hispanic Philology from the University of Navarra and an EMBA from IESE Business School, is very active on social media. Although Twitter uses it more as a combat tool, as evidenced by the tweet in which yesterday it shared with its more than 40,000 followers the statement that “Javier Esparza has stopped representing UPN voters”, on Instagram it reveals his most human or playful side. Last weekend, a few days after leading the political revolt that predicts a long and difficult internal war in his party, he was able to enjoy the Benidorm Fest ‘in situ’, as evidenced by several of the photographs he posted on that social network, some with directors of Radio Televisión Española (RTVE) who organized the event. Also on Instagram, it is common for him to share vindictive messages from the LGTBI collective, as he did for example last July, coinciding with Gay Pride, where together with an image of the facade of the Congress illuminated for the occasion, he wrote: «Let no one tell you how you have to live or who you have to love. It’s time for freedom.” Sergio Sayas, like many other center-right leaders, has defended the same-sex marriage law, despite the fact that the UPN opposed it when it was approved under Rodríguez Zapatero.

A few months after his 43rd birthday and his ‘silver anniversary’ as a militant of the Navarran regional right, he is facing a tough internal battle. The party asks for the minutes and, if he does not do it, yesterday it warned him of expulsion. At the moment this legislature will continue in Congress.

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