“The popular will is twisted”




The Popular Party candidate for the Presidency of the Junta de Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernandez Manueco, has considered that the approval of the labor reform this Friday in the Congress of Deputies was due to “a democratic error that distorts the expression of the popular will.”

And, for the popular candidate to revalidate the regional presidency, the president of Congress “It was clear to me that the ratification of the project had been rejected”, which nevertheless went ahead with the vote of a popular deputy who later claimed to have been wrong.

A situation that, for Mañueco, “is an unacceptable way of doing politics” that, he has assured, he repudiates, under the prism that «politics is not about winning votes at any price, but to have an ethical value that yesterday it was possible to verify that it does not correspond «with the action of the president of the Lower House.

It is thus a way of doing politics with “traps and tricks” that “Sánchez represents and wants to implement in Castilla y León as when he presented a motion of censure at the most complicated moment of the pandemic”, and that for Mañueco “generates stability and uncertainty”, so he vowed to “banish” this way of doing politics in the Community.

For it has asked the popular candidate for President of the Board a “majority support” in the elections on February 13 to be able to “banish these types of policies from our land” through a “strong government that provides stability” without being subject to “mortgages or obstacles.”

Otherwise, Mañueco has warned, a «weak, fragmented government and ‘Frankenstein’», like the one he assured keeps Sánchez in La Moncloa under “extreme weakness.”

In order to avoid that “what we saw yesterday could occur in Castillas y León”, the popular candidate has reiterated his request to receive “clear support” for your project on February 13 to, on the one hand, “guarantee what has been achieved” so far by its Executive and, on the other hand, to “launch a project for the future” that is not subject to “blackmail, disloyalty and turncoats”.

Supporter of Social Dialogue

During his visit to the company Quesería Valdecabras, located in the town of Candeleda Avila, and being asked by the negative vote of his party to a labor reform agreed by the government with unions and employers, he recalled the Mañueco “Valor of Social Dialogue in Castilla y León” but that position is “compatible with defending policies that generate employment” in the Community and the rest of Spain which, according to the popular candidate for the Junta de Castilla y León, represented the recently repealed Rajoy labor reform.

Lastly, and regarding the possible comparison between the position of the UPN deputies, who broke party discipline to vote against the labor reform, and that of attorney María Montero, who did the same in the motion of censure presented by the PSOE in the Cortes of Castilla y León, Mañueco clarified that “the former Citizens Attorney left her party, and these deputies they want to continue in the UPN because they consider that their vote more clearly respects the ideological pronouncements of their party».

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