The State puts Audi and Mercedes models up for auction with prices from 2,000 euros



The price attractiveness of the second-hand car market, which is around 17,700 euros on average, increases every day after the increase in rates for new cars together with the rise in taxes, as well as the delay in delivery times because of the lack of microchips. Models from premium brands such as Mercedes-Benz and Audi register more than two out of ten searches for used vehicles in the main web pages to search for this type of car, one of the main methods. Some people prefer to go to a sale or buy their car from an individual.

However, for those who still want to save more, there is a new channel where you can get your next car with discounts of up to 45%.

Specifically, the State organizes electronic auctions dozens of models
on their official website
, where you will find models of such popular brands as Audi and Mercedes-Benz with savings of up to 9,000 euros if we compare it with their current market rate. We also find high-end models such as Volvo or BMW. And any consumer can access them and participate.

It should be noted above all that the auctioned vehicles, located in different Autonomous Communities throughout Spain, they are normally embargoes, requisitioned due to the accumulation of defaults from their former owners or that simply ended up in the possession of public administrations, but it is reported at all times if they have higher charges, possible damage or mechanical failures.

For example, today, since the auctions last around 20 days during which the price may increase, you could take, for example, a Volvo XC60 with a registration date of 2015 for 4,100 euros less than its current market price (we have consulted the average price of the models on the main second-hand vehicle purchase websites such as Autocasión or AutoScout; which may also vary). The midsize SUV from the Swedish manufacturer is around 17,000 euros and at auction it is right now at 12,900 euros.

From the German premium manufacturer Audi, right now there are three models. In the first place, an Audi A6 from 2009 for 8,000 euros, at auction for 2,940; which means a saving of more than 5,000 euros. Also an Audi Q7, a large SUV from the year 2012 whose sale price is around 17,000 and exceeds them, for 13,566 euros; which means a saving of 3,434 euros. Finally, his little brother, a 2015 Q5 is currently up for auction at 5,208 euros (with 7,000 euros of charges); so taking into account that for sale is around 19,000 euros, the discount is still 6,792 euros despite the outstanding debt.

Audi Q5 of the year 2015
Audi Q5 of the year 2015

On the other hand, there are four models of Mercedes-Benz. The first of them is a premium SUV, an ML 250 with a registration date of 2014. Despite already reaching 13,440 euros, as its market price exceeds 19,000 euros, it has an offer of more than 5,500 euros. An E300 turbodiesel from 2008 is also available at a discount of almost 5,000 euros (3,090 at auction compared to 8,000 market price); and a Class B 180 also with a diesel engine from 2008 with an offer of 4,640 euros (2,360 compared to 7,000).

ML 250 of the year 2014
ML 250 of the year 2014

Finally, the jewel in the crown is a Mercedes-Benz GLA 200d from 2015. Its auction price is already at 11,037 euros, but as its market price is around and exceeds 20,000 euros, it represents a saving of more than 9,000 euros . An offer to be taken into account.

GLA200d of the year 2015
GLA200d of the year 2015

We also found a BMW available on the State auction website, a Series 5 520i from 2004 that has an auction price of only 2,100 euros. Despite the fact that its market rate is around 6,000 euros, the discount is still interesting, specifically 3,900 euros.

Finally, highlight two high-end Porsche models in a very peculiar situationbut still profitable.

2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo
2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo

It is a 100% electric luxury, a Taycan Turbo, dated 2020, and a Cayenne from 2017, both with an embargo on nothing more and nothing less than 26,120 euros. However, at a market price for premium vehicles such as 116,000 and 83,000 euros, respectively; whoever takes them can still get 30,000 euros in savings. Now, the same entity auctions them, but they are individual models, so you would know which one is more profitable.

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