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Things are getting increasingly lonely around British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Four executives resigned from his team within hours on Thursday: chief of staff Dan Rosenfield, private secretary Martin Reynolds, communications chief Jack Doyle and chief policy adviser Munir Mirza. Mirza, who worked for Johnson for 14 years, accused him of not apologizing for controversial comments about opposition Labor Party leader Keir Starmer. The motives of the men were not initially known.

Conservative sources have said three members of Johnson’s team are directly linked to the widely criticized lockdown parties. Your withdrawal indicates an attempt at a restart. Chief Advisor Mirza was the first to turn her back on Johnson on Thursday.

Johnson under fire for false allegations against Starmer

In a heated parliamentary debate on Monday, the head of government accused Starmer of failing to indict the well-known, late broadcaster Jimmy Savile with hundreds of counts of sexual abuse when he was chief of public prosecutors. Starmer was not responsible for this in his function, even if this claim is circulating on social media. Johnson’s repetition of corresponding misrepresentations also drew criticism from within his own ranks.

Mirza said according to the magazine The Spectator, the allegation was unfair and unfounded. She hopes Johnson can still come up with an apology. Johnson said he didn’t want to take Starmer personally. But he didn’t offer an apology.

Johnson said on the radio that he regretted his employee’s resignation. However, he does not agree with her assessment that his statements were inappropriate. Finance Minister Rishi Sunak also criticized the Prime Minister for his attack on the opposition politician. Asked if Johnson should have apologized, Sunak said: “To be honest, I wouldn’t have said that and I’m glad the Prime Minister clarified what he had said.” Sunak is the favorite to be prime minister should Johnson have to step down.

The Prime Minister wants to improve the management of his government

According to the Daily Mail Head of communications Doyle is said to have been planning his resignation for some time. According to the newspaper, there is no connection with Mirza’s resignation. A spokesman for Johnson confirmed that Doyle was no longer part of the government team. The Prime Minister’s Office also said Johnson had accepted the resignations of Chief of Staff Rosenfield and Private Secretary Reynolds. Both would remain in their posts for the time being.

Johnson has announced he is improving the management of his government after top official Sue Gray released an interim report on the lockdown parties. She attested to the government’s severe leadership failure and lack of judgment. Some of the Downing Street meetings should not have taken place and others got out of hand. Johnson then apologized, but rejected opposition calls for his resignation.

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