Ximo Puig announces that he maintains the restrictions until March and recommends the mask



20:46Ximo Puig announces that the Generalitat will continue to recommend the use of the mask outdoors and will maintain the covid passport
The President of the Valencian Government defends the use of face mask outdoors out of “prudence”.
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20:46The Generalitat Valenciana will vaccinate children accompanied by adults against the coronavirus to avoid more errors
Some schoolchildren between eleven and nine years of age will receive the second dose in health facilities instead of schools.
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20:46The Civil Guard and the Local Police of El Campello once again prevent an illegal macro-party
It is the same farm that intended to hold a large event without permits on New Year’s Eve.
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20:46Pedro Cavadas’ predictions regarding the coronavirus for this year
The Valencian doctor predicted that next fall it will be possible for the use of the mask to cease to be mandatory to become optional.
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20:46Las Fallas 2022 is committed to a return to normality with the return of the mascletà and mass events
The City Council of Valencia presents the pyrotechnic calendar while waiting to know the restrictions of the Generalitat.
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20:46The prior appointment is no longer mandatory in face-to-face attention to the citizens of the Generalitat Valenciana
The measure approved by the regional Executive seeks to reduce timeouts and improve the quality of service.
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20:46List of the latest coronavirus infections by municipalities in the Valencian Community
The sixth wave begins to show signs of improvement with fewer cases in the localities with the most spread of the virus.
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20:46List of the 480 Valencian municipalities that remain at very high risk of spreading the coronavirus
The incidence begins to drop and there are fewer localities with an incidence of over 500 cases.
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20:46The Supreme Court’s ruling against Ximo Puig’s restrictions opens the way to request compensation
The lawyer who has presented the litigation asks the High Court to “clarify” the sentence due to the possible scope for thousands of affected people.
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20:46«Mouthwashes are an effective tool to reduce the infecting capacity of Ómicron»
The biochemist Ismael Mingarro defends the enguajes as “an additional measure but never to replace the mask or hand washing.”
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20:46Valencia registers an “abrupt” decrease in coronavirus in wastewater
The latest measurements show a reduction in genomic remains of Covid-19 50% a week for a month.
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