Castillo announces changes in the Peruvian government without self-criticism

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President peter castle announced the “recomposition in the cabinet” after the controversy caused by the appointment of Héctor Valer as prime minister and who has been accused before the Judiciary of assaulting his wife -already deceased- and his 29-year-old daughter. According to the court document accessed by ABC, in 2016 he was ordered protection measures for the wife of the prime minister after the beating received. Valer’s daughter also reported him to a police station in Lima saying that he “slapped her, punched her, kicked her in the face and different parts of the body and pulled her hair.”

Until today it is not officially known which ministers will be affected by the recomposition of the ministerial cabinet made up of 19 members plus the prime minister.

Since Pedro Castillo came to power every ten days there has been a change of ministers. ABC contacted the chief of communications of the prime minister, Héctor Valer, who was asked whether or not his boss was still in office and he replied: “He is uncertain. Now there is no precise information.

According to the Peruvian Constitution, if the departure of Héctor Valer as prime minister is confirmed, the entire cabinet automatically resigns. until the new ones are reappointed and that they all swear at the same time.

The record of the Peruvian prime minister who has lasted the shortest time in office is still held by Miguel Mujica Gallo, who was appointed Prime Minister by former President Fernando Belaunde on October 2, 1968 and was replaced at dawn on October 3 when General Juan Velasco Alvarado (1968-1975) carried out a coup against Belaunde. Meanwhile, in an unprecedented event, the foreign ministers, Cesar Landa; the health one, Hernando Cevallos; and Foreign Trade and Tourism, Robert Sanchez; They have asked Valer through his Twitter accounts to leave office after the serious complaints against him.

“I have made the decision to recompose the ministerial cabinet and these changes will be made taking into account the opening to the political, academic and professional forces of the country, since, beyond the way of thinking or ideologiesWe must aim to serve ordinary Peruvians in the best way, who struggle day by day; to the entrepreneur, who is the engine of the country; and to our sisters and brothers from the depths of Peru,” said the president without saying a word about the controversy surrounding Prime Minister Valer.

today will be done a march of feminist and youth groups asking for the departure of Héctor Valer as prime minister under the title: “Indignant against Valer”.

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