Coalition wants to set up U-committee on Afghanistan evacuation soon

On the floor of a Bundeswehr machine: evacuation from Kabul to Uzbekistan
Image: dpa

There is still a need for coordination between the coalition factions, but there is apparently agreement that the work-up should be carried out by a committee. He could start work before June.

DThe investigative committee planned by the coalition for the chaotic evacuation action after the end of the international military operation in Afghanistan is to be set up soon. The Bundestag should make a corresponding decision in March, reports the magazine “Business Insider” on Saturday, citing coalition circles. The committee should start its work before the summer break, probably in June.

The schedule is apparently still open, the news agency reports. There is still a “need for coordination between the factions”. According to AFP, it would also be possible to start committee work well before June.

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Processing was in the coalition agreement

The coalition agreement between the SPD, Greens and FDP states: “We want to work through the evacuation mission of the Afghanistan mission in a parliamentary committee of inquiry.” The “overall mission” should also be evaluated “in a commission of inquiry with scientific expertise”. “The knowledge gained must be prepared in a practical and future-oriented manner so that it can be incorporated into the design of future German missions abroad.”

After the abrupt withdrawal of the Bundeswehr and other NATO troops from Afghanistan in the summer of 2021 following a corresponding decision by the USA, the radical Islamic Taliban took power and took the capital Kabul. In August, like other countries, Germany hastily launched an evacuation campaign for its own citizens and Afghan helpers who remained in Afghanistan. However, many auxiliaries were left behind.

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