Corona – compulsory vaccination – law in force, waiting for regulation

Corona vaccination has been compulsory in Austria since midnight. It applies to all persons residing in Austria from the age of 18, exceptions are provided for pregnant women and those who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons, and – conditionally – also for those who have recovered. However, the regulation with the exact details of this or the approved vaccines is not yet available – this is still being coordinated, according to the Ministry of Health on the APA.

The penalty for non-compliance is up to 600 euros in the so-called “simplified procedure” and up to 3,600 euros in the “ordinary procedure”. In the first phase after the entry into force, penalties will not be imposed until mid-March, but only from March 16 (“Phase 2”). As soon as ELGA GmbH has created the technical prerequisites for data comparison, all those who have not been vaccinated will receive a reminder that they will be vaccinated. If it is epidemiologically necessary, the third phase will also come into force. Anyone who is then unable to produce a valid vaccination certificate on a vaccination deadline set by the government will receive an automated vaccination penalty order.

The criticism of the measure does not stop either: the deputy FPÖ club boss Dagmar Belakowitsch wants to “stomp up the law again”. With the difficulties of ELGA in data comparison, which have been known since the beginning of January, the “black-green bankruptcy and breakdown policy” finds its “embarrassing continuation”, according to a broadcast. In the course of the assessment of the compulsory vaccination law, ELGA GmbH had already warned that the technical implementation of recording the exceptions in the national vaccination register would not be possible until April at the earliest. For example, exemptions can only then be entered into the corresponding portal, quoted “Heute” (online) from a log. However, these can still be issued by doctors beforehand, according to the APA request from the ministry. Anyone who is checked from mid-March can show their liberation then or in the later procedure. What comes later is the automatic comparison in phase three.

Chamber of Labor wants to reconsider free tests

Chamber of Labor President Renate Anderl also wants to question the free tests in view of the mandatory vaccination that is now in force. The pandemic is currently not flattening out, she said in the Ö1 “Mittagsjournal”. It is therefore still important to give people the opportunity to test free of charge until the end of March. “Then we’ll have to look again.” There is a vaccination law, and this raises the question of whether unvaccinated people can test free of charge to go to the tavern. In any case, the screenings in kindergartens and schools should remain free of charge.

Anderl sees the vaccination fleet planned by the government as problematic. “I would prefer that everyone who adheres to measures gets something in return.” The AK, for example, suggested giving everyone who was boosted a voucher. The money for the lottery could have been used better for the elimination of child poverty in view of the now applicable vaccination and the already missed earlier incentives. (apa)

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