Everything that is known about the restrictions for the Fallas 2022: mascletà, festivals and Offering




The pulse between the Valencia City Council and the Generalitat for the Fallas 2022 keeps the Fallas group awake with less than a month to go before the start of March. Despite the “prudence” that the regional government champions in the face of the downward evolution of the coronavirus pandemic, the Municipal Council has increased the pressure by approving the guidelines for mobility, schedules and public occupation for the celebration of the festivities “in normality coordinates.

“We are working to make some normal faults and we want everyone to be clear about what the guidelines are,” explained the deputy mayor and municipal spokesperson, Sergi Campillo, who also acknowledged that “we are aware that at any time the Ministry of Health can set standards of restrictions for certain shows and that if they have to be reduced, it will be done ».

In this line, both the mayor Joan Ribó and the Councilor for Festive Culture have defended “a calendar of maximum acts” and a planning of the Fallas 2022 “in normal coordinates”. On the other hand, the president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, has advocated replicating a model similar to that of September, where restrictions prevailed such as limited capacity in parades, the suspension of events with a large influx and festivals and mobile disco.

“Here we are always to what Health says, even so we have to foresee normal failures because if we can finally do them and we have not planned them, we will not have material time to organize all the acts,” Campillo defended. Thus, the City Council advances the relevant contracts pending the meeting of the Monitoring Table with Health, which Puig himself summoned at the end of February.

Mascletà and pyrotechnic shows

Valencia has everything ready and prepared to celebrate the masculinity In the town hall square. So much so that it has already presented the pyrotechnic calendar and has included new shows such as a Cordà and different nightly fireworks displays in six neighborhoods of the city.

This same week the installation of the metal cage that covers the town hall, although at the moment it is unknown if Health will give the go-ahead to celebrate the shots where large crowds of people are concentrated. One measure that is being studied is to enable a limited capacity, something that Local Police considers “very complicated” by having to restrict access by a large number of entrances to the enclave.

[Consulta aquí el calendario pirotécnico de las Fallas 2022]

On the other hand, it has been canceled public domain occupation with tables and chairs during the moments before and after the mascletà as well as in the installation of scaffolding and construction containers in the center of the city.

In addition, in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, emergency routes are established at the entrances to Calle Sangre and Calle Barcas; Evacuation routes in Periodista Azzati, Roger de Lauria, in Llop, Cotanda and Barcelonina and obstacle-free routes in City Hall, San Vicente Mártir between City Hall and Calle de la Paz, María Cristina, Correos, Marqués de Sotelo, San Pablo, Ribera and Ruzafa promenade.

traffic cuts

The City Council has approved the perimeter closure of the center of Valencia, which will remain cut to traffic from March 16 at twelve noon until four in the morning of March 20, after the cremà de las fallas.

The affected interior perimeter includes the right margin of the old Turia riverbed, the Glories Valencianas bridge to the Plaza de América and the main thoroughfares, including the Plaza de España and the underpass of the Paseo de la Pechina.

However, emergency and public service vehicles will be able to circulate. Equally, from March 1 to 15 the Local Police will cut off traffic around the Plaza del Ayuntamiento two hours before the start of the mascletà.

In accordance with the decree approved by the Local Government Board, the restrictions on mobility may be extended according to the needs of the parades such as award ceremonies, offerings to the Virgin or the firing of fireworks. In these acts, Bus and truck parking will be allowed and discharge of pyrotechnic material in authorized places.

Likewise, the regulated parking service with hourly limitation will be suspended (NOW) throughout the municipality from 9 am on March 12 until the 20th of the same month.


The Offering to the Virgin of the Forsaken It will take place on March 17 and 18. According to the guidelines for the occupation of public roads approved by the Consistory, the possibility is included that the route that the commissions will take goes back to the street Saint Vincent Martyr and the Queen’s Square, still in pedestrianization works.

Archive image of the Virgen de los Desamparados in full Fallas Offering
Archive image of the Virgen de los Desamparados in full Fallas Offering – ROBER SOLSONA

In this regard, the City Council has suspended the occupation of tables and chairs during these days in the Plaza de la Virgen, Caballeros, Reloj Viejo, Navellos, Plaza de San Lorenzo, Muro de Santa Ana, Plaza de la Reina and San Vicente Mártir between Reina and Plaza del Ayuntamiento, which could lead to the return of the traditional route of the Offering.

Installation of tents

The tents that the Fallas commissions install in the streets are authorized from March 10 until seven o’clock in the morning of the 21st. Tents may only be installed prior to this date if they are placed in lots, garden areas or for pedestrians and in parking areas that do not affect circulation or the passage of traffic lines. buses.

In the same way, those Fallas commissions with a census of more than 400 members may place tents in advance, provided that it does not affect the circulation of the EMT buses.

Verbenas and mobile disco

In the absence of knowing the decision of the Ministry of Health on the possible restrictions for the Fallas 2022, the Valencia City Council recovers the possibility of celebrating festivals and night parties on public roads. The mobile disco will be able to return to the streets of Valencia on Saturday 12 and from Tuesday 15 to Friday 18 March.

covid passport

For the time being, the obligation to show the covid passport to access certain establishments such as the falleros houses it remains until February 28, but it is unknown if it will be extended again for the month of March. Despite the fact that the Government of Spain will eliminate the obligation to carry face mask in the open air next week, the Valencian Executive will continue to recommend its use and, therefore, in some Fallas events such as parades it could continue to be an essential element of protection.

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