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Here, the headlines of the day where, in addition, you will be able to know all the news and latest news today on ABC. Everything that has happened this Saturday, February 5 in the world and in Spain:

Jan, about the goodbye of Superlópez: «I wanted more readers from 12 to 18 years old, but mobile phones and tablets are winning the race»

In 2023 he would have turned 50, but neither he nor we will get to celebrate it: a year earlier and almost by surprise, Jan (Juan López Fernández; Toral de los Vados, 1939) says goodbye to superlopez with
‘Freak dreams’ (Bruguera),
the latest adventure of his endearing parody of Superman remixed with an average Spaniard. Gone are more than 80 albums flying through the skies of Parchelona, ​​legendary titles such as ‘The hubheads’ and a cucurbit napia that, who knows, may already be on its way to Chitón.

China declares war on Hollywood

Amid growing rivalry with the United States, exacerbated by the coronavirus, China has declared war on Hollywood.

Not only at the box office, but also in content. A propaganda war film, ‘The Battle of Changjin Lake‘, was the second highest grossing in the world last year, only behind ‘Spiderman: no way home’. Faced with the 1.4 billion dollars raised by this umpteenth installment of ‘Spider-Man’, screened throughout the planet, the Chinese film won $900 million for the enormous success in his country, which in 2020 surpassed the US as the largest film market in the world thanks to the fact that the theaters reopened earlier due to the control of the pandemic.

From War to Poetry: The Crazy Life of Basil Bunting

Life is absurd, but some more than others. Basil Bunting was born in 1900 and died in 1985, and in between he had time to be a music critic, a spy, a political columnist, a student at the London School of Economics, an assistant to Ford Madox Fox, a conscientious objector in the First World War, an RAF volunteer in the second, commander of the British army, balloon operator, teacher, correspondent for the ‘Times’ in Iran, bohemian (this is also a profession) and journalist in a small local newspaper, among other things. He squeezed the adventure through half the world, and in half the world he ended up imprisoned. In Paris he cajoled his jailers by writing verses for his girlfriends, he was unceremoniously deported from Russia to his native England, and in Tehran he participated in a demonstration against himself because he was a genius. He played chess with Franco in Tenerife when neither of them knew each other, lived on a boat for several months and survived multiple assassination attempts. In short, he had a biography as crazy as the 20th century, and yet he went down in history for something infinitely more important than all this: a poem.

Álvaro Burdiel, aroma of a good bullfighter in Valdemorillo

There was a famine of bulls after the winter drought. Three thousand fans gathered at the bullfight that opened the Valdemorillo Fair, official kick of the season. ‘Adobado’ was the name of the one that broke the square, a stupendous steer from Sánchez Arjona. Although it seemed that the forces would not accompany him after being badly stung, ‘Adobado’ always wanted -he often looked like a left python- and he went further in the mild task of Manuel Diosleguarde, which showed why it is one of the proper names of the ranking. Very put, he liked it without bursting that while ‘Adobado’ continued attacking the southpaw with his mouth closed. He killed the second match and everything cooled down, so the great ‘abreplaza’ left with his ears on in the middle of an ovation.

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