Left boss considers reactions to be “absurd and dangerous”

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From: Jennifer Greve

Nancy Faeser (SPD), Federal Minister of the Interior and Homeland, is currently the victim of a right-wing hate campaign. (Archive image) © Kay Nietfeld/dpa

A right-wing newspaper criticizes Nancy Faeser, Bild joins in and CDU/CSU politicians also agree – but the interior minister gets a lot of momentum.

Frankfurt – Nancy Faeser (SPD*) is Germany’s new interior minister. Some see this critically, such as the new right-wing newspaper Junge Freiheit. While the “Bild” parrots the right-wing agitation against the SPD politician unfiltered, politicians from the CDU and CSU are now also joining in.

The reason for the debate is a guest contribution by Fraeser to the Association of People Persecuted by the Nazi Regime – Association of Anti-Fascists (VVN-BdA). There the current Minister of the Interior spoke about the NSU 2.0 letters that you* and other people had received. She spoke out in favor of the “fight against fascism and right-wing extremism” because the attitude against racism and ethnic ideologies “are part of the political DNA” of her party, the SPD.

Person Nancy Faeser
date and place of birth July 13, 1970, Bad Soden am Taunus (Germany)
political position Federal Minister of the Interior and Homeland of Germany
Political party SPD

CDU and CSU politicians jump on right-wing hate campaign against Nancy Faeser

The first criticism from a new-right newspaper, Junge Freiheit. The Federal Agency for Civic Education describes the medium as a “mouthpiece of a radical nationalist opposition”. With her contribution to the VNN-BdA, Fraeser showed her affiliation with left-wing radicals. A few days later, the Bild newspaper followed suit. Faeser has a “demarcation problem”. She wrote for an “anti-constitutional newspaper”.

Further criticism of her guest contribution follows – among others from Matthias Hauer (CDU*). He commented on Twitter as follows: “A federal interior minister who wrote a guest article for a left-wing extremist newspaper six months ago has completely disqualified herself for her position. As a minister, Nancy Faeser is supposed to fight enemies of the constitution instead of supporting them.” CDU politician Christoph de Vries also spoke of a “highly explosive process” in the matter, explains the picture. De Vries criticized that the SPD was “largely blind in the left eye”.

In an interview with the Bild, the former State Secretary to the Federal Minister of the Interior, Building and Community, Stephan Mayer (CSU*). He said that Faeser’s guest post was a “big mistake” and that he expected a “rapid apology and the withdrawal of the post”.

In the video: Nancy Faeser is Germany’s first female interior minister

Right-wing smear campaign against Nancy Faeser: She is receiving tailwind from the left

Support for Faeser comes from Lorenz Gösta Beutin (left*): “Solidarity with Nancy Faeser – against the dirt campaign by Drecksblatt & Nazis. Antifascism is a democratic duty. I am proud to be a member of the VVN-BdA, as was Auschwitz survivor Esther Bejarano, as are many fantastic people,” the politician wrote on Twitter.

Also the party leader of the left, Janine Wissler*, considers the criticism of Nancy Faeser to be “absurd and dangerous”. The classification of the VVN-BdA as “left-wing extremist” must be corrected by the protection of the constitution. In 2019, the association was deprived of its non-profit status by the Bavarian Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Cornelia Kerth, the chairwoman of the VVN-BdA and her co-chairman made affidavits that “there was no statement from any responsible person in the association that democracy and non-Marxist systems were potentially fascist and that they should be fought”. give. The TAZ reported in mid-2021.

At this point in time, the VNN-BdA had already regained its non-profit status. The reason? After the statement by Kerth and Co., the tax office in Berlin found the assessment of the Bavarian Office for the Protection of the Constitution and the concerns about unconstitutional activity by the VVN-BdA to be “refuted”. (yeah)


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