«Marnatura», first leader of the Villalia Spring Series of Vigo

Vigo (Pontevedra)



The Marnatura 1 skippered by Luis Bugallo from Vigo is the leader of the Villalia Spring J70 Series organized by the J70 Class and the Real Club Náutico de Vigo, after having held the first day of the first act in Galician waters of what is the benchmark event, at the level of the Iberian west, in the competitions of these monotypes.

Following the skipper of the Young Americas Cup team from Spain, is the Sailway Academy, which competes for the Marítimo de Canido, which includes several of the most outstanding promises of Galician sailing… closing the provisional podium Solventis del Club Náutico Ría of Ares, in which the Olympic medalist from Vigo, Nico Rodríguez, appears as a crew member.

The opening day of the Spring Series started with light winds of eight knots from the northeast, and everything foreshadowed a lucid opening… but nothing was further from what would happen next, because the wind dropped and we had to wait more than two hours, to be able to face what would be the second round, at the edge of four in the afternoon, with winds from the north of ten knots.

The partial victories were for Luis Pérez Canal’s Abril Rojo and Luis Bugallo’s Marnatura 1.

The favorites did not fare well in general in the midst of these difficult wind conditions. This was the case of the winner of the Winter Series, Gonzalo Araújo’s La Guardia & Moreira, who is far from the lead, in sixth place (although he improved a lot in the second heat)… ahead of two other heavyweights : the SailCascais of the Lisbon Olympian Vasco Serpa and the Sogacsa that after his second absolute in the aforementioned Winter, fell to eleventh place with Sancho Páramo and Pablo Iglesias on board.

To highlight the Sailway Academy with the very young skipper from Ourense Alejandro Pérez Canal as skipper, who has sailors from Vigo from the Marítimo de Canido Luis Sampedro and Iago García Pillado and the 420 world champion tandem, formed by Jacobo García from Aros and Toni from Coruña. Ripoll. They have achieved a second and a third on Saturday… without a doubt there is a lot of future in these academy players.

In the middle zone of the celebrated heat, the Pazo de Cea of ​​Ramón Ojea del Marítimo de Canido, and the Valmy Atlántica that competes for Beach Escolas Club with a crew that includes: Alberto Figuera, Susana Villaverde, Ana Sardiña, Oscar Torres and Alejandro Cortegoso… from various points of the Galician geography. Further back the Kessler Belt of the herculean Fran Edreira, of the Club Náutico Cabanas de Ferrolterra, closing the top ten.

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